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Which location do you want most added for Rally?

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I've heard and watched lots and lots of things about the Safari Rally. Having a rally set in Africa wouldn't be the first time it's appeared in a video game, but I'd love to see Codies do this rally some proper justice. My next vote would have gone towards a North American rally of some kind, but that's just because of totally fair (yeah right!) judgement in how I see my countrymen.

Despite my extreme weeaboo tendencies, I actually wouldn't care all that much for a Japanese rally. Other than the mountain passes the country has become famous for in drifting fan bases, it doesn't offer anything unique that can't be covered in a European or Pacific country. And Germany and France are the first countries I think of for all-tarmac rallies anyways.
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Wasn't aware of that, thank you.
If you have a look at the Dirt rally website theres a timeline with things theyre planning to add over the course of the year, Germany is planned for some time in June, then finland in September, and "Winter Wonderland" in November which by is 95% guaranteed to be rally Sweden
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To me the classic asphalt rallies like the San Remo, Tour de Corse or Rallye Catalunya are the most favorite ones. As a German, I would like to see Germany included as well, both as of the asphalt aspect and as of getting that "homy feeling" seeing signs, locations, etc …

Other than asphalt rallies, although those are my favorite I am waiting for I think the most important Rallies to include in Dirt Rally are the true important rallies as:

- Safari (including respective body changes to the cars like bars, roll cages, air filter snorkels, etc)
- Finland (who does not love the action at crazy high speeds with those immense jumps)
- Sweden (for the most wonderful snow action imaginable)
- Australia (beautiful locale, unique gravel stages - would love to see the odd kangaroo crossing as well, which would immensely help immersion)

Those to me are Rallies that CANNOT be missing in a serious Rallye sim

in a nutshell in order of most important addition to the current game for me:

Further content like hillclimb and Rallye cross would be nice if it comes at some point (1 year or further away is totally ok) but are not essentially important at this time in my opinion.
I think the core focus should be on classic rally first and foremost (especially extending existing features by deeper simulation of rally events, as testing, different tyres, refined setup features and repair - visually showing setup and repair in form of the actual service area with beautiful graphics would be nice, …, longer stages, addition of special stages, maybe even the addition of doing recce in service cars, driving a team van or street car model from the team, VERY IMPORTANT ADD: proper rally start and finish with parc ferme, driving over the ramp, celebrations, etc … ).
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I would LOVE to have the Tour de Corse rally and the classic Catalunya Costa Brava spanish rally from back when it was only asphalt. This with the upcoming inclusion of the Kit Car class would make perfect sense, as these two locations saw the pinnacle of those cars in the WRC history. And would make the ultimate tarmac rally experience in my humble opinion. And really beautiful surroundings in these stages by the way.
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For a start, I hope to see more of the existing environments. I love the way they're presented and the stage layouts feel very natural, but would love to have more kilometres of Welsh or Greek roads or any of the six confirmed locations.

If we're talking new locations, I'll ignore the ones that are already confirmed (all good choices), and look at:

1. Ypres (Belgium) - summer time tarmac, lovely scenery and a special event for modern and classic cars.

2. Valais (Switzerland) - stunning scenery and a very challenging late season event, very different from confirmed tarmac stages in Germany.

3. Australia - my favourite locations in RBR and a unique gravel event. Located behind the others because I'd prefer another tarmac before another gravel round.

4. Corsica (France) - another special event with unique character. Currently a shadow of its former self but hopefully 2015 will be a fitting rebirth.

5. Norway - my favourite country in which to watch rallying, so I wouldn't complain about either a winter or summer event staged here.

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I'd love to see Germany but the proper old WRC stages which had those big concrete armoured tank guides (Hinkelsteins) along the roadsides and surface changes every few hundred feet with a mix of tarmac gravel and mud.

I aint voting though as I'd like to see every country in the WRC in here along with others that used to be in the past.
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