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Which location do you want most added for Rally?

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I see the list is based for the large part on the current WRC Format.

There for  you missed the like of Italy out.

The San Remo rally should be included

Been a mixed surface event tarmac & gravel stages its was for a Long time one of the most important rounds in the calandar.

Should rounds of the Irish Tarmac Championship should be added to.

Or the Manx rally another classic Tarmac event.

For sure we need some 60's 70's & 80's style events   day & night stages  Long & short  .

Just as much as we need the correct style of events for all eras really.

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I belive that... Tarmac will be in disadvantage, other surfaces has more atraction for most of all...

My election = My country 

A bit of more tarmac will be nice for the game, but not only Spain, other places more important in WRC are a better election... Like Corsica, Sardinia, Germany...

And other question, I belive... Tarmac has to have more development to feel this surface like it is in real life. Today doesn't feel like we think it has to be (Big effort in this, Codies...)

Sorry for my English ...
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Baja, San Felipe, Primm, or maybe just one of the beautiful settings of Oregon.  North Carolina had great cliffsides when I was there. There are many great places in the states.  ARKANSAS!! Oh YA.
I want it to follow a river or circle a lake littered with beer cans and fat Bubba's; No clipboardin' Polo sportin' stiffs allowed!!
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Portugal  - best rally inthe world
Sea Level Classics stages, lots of crowds,  super fast & technical , Fafe, big jump, please

WRC official webpage -  copy/paste
First held in 1967 and one of the founding events in the inaugural 1973 WRC.
Initially a mixed surface rally, it switched to a pure gravel format but lost its place in the calendar after bad weather ruined the 2001 event.
Organisers moved from the north to the Algarve holiday region in the south and it regained its place in 2007.
Named ‘Best Rally in the World’ on five occasions.
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I was gonna say Straya since its my closest cousin, but NZ comon codies you good c*nts I remember nz locations in heaps of your games make it happen! Close runners up would be, Scotland,Safari and Britain. I feel theres big potential for aussie and Nz since nothing planned for the game or in the game really feels like these locations. I just really want to be driving in torrential rain to sunny the next minute thats my dream.


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