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Audio - Clipping - extra volume sliders


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There seems to be a lot of audio clipping happening in this game.  

Volume levels seem un-balanced and you only have one slider for effects??

Can we not have individual volume sliders, road noise, engine, environment, ect

And I have only just realised, there are 3 different people talking to you over the headset, but for some reason you have your team mate and the female voice moving all through the sound field, left channel, right channel, far away then close up??? this is all drowned out by the engine noise and road noise, I had to turn effects volume down to 5 to actually hear them.  These voices should be mono, in either the left or right ear, coming from a fixed point.  I thought I was hearing ghost voices for a long time lol, till I turned the effects volume down.  Needs fixing.


right now the noise from inside the car drowns out the engine and road noise.  

Audio clipping happening each time the commentator speaks, high revs, crashes, 

it would be nice to balance the whole audio to our liking, Atmos is great, but the levels are all wrong

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