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Dirt Rally 2.0. Impossible to fix video camera on the Rallycross track replays.

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Dirt Rally 2.0.  Impossible to fix video camera on the Rallycross track replays.  Why not leave the player the possibility to choose and fix the video camera on the track instead of continuing to advance the change of the shots always in mix mode despite being predefined on the track.  The problem concerns only and exclusively in Rallycross Time Trial mode.  (PS4 version 1.10.1).  Furthermore always in the replays Rallycross often disappears the sound of cars especially near the finish line.  I WANT TO SEE THE REPLAYS ONLY WITH THE TYPICAL FRAMING OF THE TV ON BOARD TRACK.  THE OTHER FRAMES ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT MAKE TO SEE THE PILOT THAT SEEMS A ROCKET RUIN THE BEAUTIFUL REPLAY OF THE GAME.

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