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Racenet across consoles

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Have I misunderstood the way racenet works across consoles?

I have a PS4, and have set a time on, for instance Kopina/Dry/H1 on time trial

My friend has also set a time on Kopina/Dry/H1 on his Xbox

We have successfully added as friends on racenet, but when I check the leaderboard for the above stage in time trial, his time does not appear.

Is it actually not possible to compare across consoles? I thought that was one of the major points of Racenet?

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I definitely have that selected to multi-platform. If he doesn't would that also prevent me from seeing his time?


Edit: Actually, I can see his time, if I scroll to it on the main leaderboard, but for some reason when I select the friends filter it only shows me...

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