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makes it sense to drift on tarmac?

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Yes, thats the question. Drifting on tarmac: Does it make sense in the real rally? And make it sense in Dirt Rally? Because in ordinary racing games it doesn't make any sense.

(And why does it make sense on gravel at all? It does, doesn't it?)

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It's a good question. Drifting shouldn't make any sense until tight corners. But tarmac in DR is a bit strange so I am not sure. I don't know about rally but rallycross is still  a mystery to me because you have pretty good grip while sliding.

Gravel has different grip characteristics so it makes sense. You have lower grip without sliding.

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So this is a really short answer, but anyways.

On gravel it makes total sense, since what you really do when sliding is using the natural braking of the sideways motion simultanesously as you use most of the engine power to push the way you want to be going. Since grip is the limiting factor this makes sense, especially as spinning the wheels often lets the tyres dig down for better grip.

On tarmac you can get all the tyre grip into the surface much easier, meaning that slides actually often decrease the amount of grip you get to push the car where you want, and the braking factor in the sideways motion isn't as pronounced. Also, when sliding or spinning the wheels on tarmac you lose in total grip, and you wear down the tyres faster.

In Dirt Rally 2.0 I'd say you can slide the car more on tarmac than in a real rally, since tarmac physics isn't as refined as the gravel physics. It's decent, but you can clearly see on videos that the driving style of real rally drivers are more distinct and less slidey than what we see in game.

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16 hours ago, Dytut said:

 you can clearly see on videos that the driving style of real rally drivers are more distinct and less slidey than what we see in game.

I think that the new generation is less good and has less skill

old driver group A test RGT 

new generation driver WRC 2 test same car 



drift and slide on tarmac make it sense ? yes  i explain  with example

(in DR 2.0  for me the tarmac is very gripy and is very Bad is my opinion )

imagine you is in stage with lot difficult  turn and very tight  ( left 1 , hairpin , square ... ) ok 

first car is FWD car ( with motor  in front of the car ) so  you have only 2  front wheel work 

- he accelerate  and brake ( its depend for your brake setup )

- he turn

- and the heavy is front of car ( so its possible to understeer easily )

  you tire your front tires easily  so you need  slide  to save a front tires 


second car is RWD  ( same  with motor in front of the car ) so you have 4 wheel work  and have not really same  work 

- you accelerate with rear wheel  

- you turn with  front wheel 

-and  heavy is in front of car 

 with heavy in front is possible to understeer  but is possible to oversteer  so possible to drift and you manage your 4 tires more easily and when your drift the steering  wheel  work  alone 


you go on left 2 , right 3 and you finish in harpin , for the hairpin your start drift  so your manage your front wheel  and you win the time with drift skill  because steering wheel work alone 


 third car is AWD ( same motor in front car )  you have 4 wheel work  except for the turn 

-you acccelerate with front and rear wheel 

-you turn with front wheel 

- heavy is front car so is possible you understeer 

if you drive with 50/50 power or more power in front of car you have same problem with first car so you understeer and you loose time and your tire your tires 

if your drive with more power  in rear  your oversteer , slide and drift  so with RWD skill you win time and save your front tires ( so that why you have often time in yours car setup you have more power in rear than front , look the ramp acceleration in your differential )

 ( with motor in rear you have  heavy in rear so  your car more understeer )

on rally the tyre strategy and good setup is very important  and the skill is very important too  

with this example now you understand  why drift on tarmac   is important too 


and i explain why the modern car no slide and not drift always time on rally ( R2 , WRC 2 and new WRC 380 HP)

 1 because cars  are limited for setup  by regulations for security now ( very very limited  now ) 

2 the WRC 2 and  R2 is limited by power   ( example the wrc 2 have less power than old WRC   280 HP WRC 2 5 gear  vs 300HP old  WRC the last  car have 6 gear )( other example  180 HP for R2  VS 300 HP for kit car )*( maybe is better to choose h2 FWD  vs R2 is true but the best era of FWD is kit car  and the R2( or R3) start after the kitcar is not very logic so i choose very technologic car vs best FWD car  ) 

3 the WRC 380 HP  have lot  aeorodynamics part  so that why car is sticked on the floor ,  and honnestly the show  is dead on tarmac because the new WRC have lot downforce so  that  why the car not slide and drift always time on rally modern . 

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There answer should be short.

The less slide the better times.
However if car cannot fit a turn at particular speed a driver has to decide to slow down or to to force the rotation other way. It's up to him to chose a method which gives better results. It might depends even on consecutive turns configuration.

Reasons why a car cannot turn enough varies: steering lock limits, no enough grip on front wheels, unbalanced car (understeering due to setup, damage etc)

There is no magic here. But there is no simple math too. It's up to driver's intuition/skill to chose best way to whip a turn(s)

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