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Soo where to buy 2.0?? (Oculus or Steam)

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I use a Rift and with 2.0 in VR I can finally buy it GREAT RIGHT??! well, no. As I read about it I am getting confused. some people have had to buy it twice for good VR and what not. So, where is the best place to buy it for VR? The oculus store? Steam store? can I get a direct download somewhere? Some places I guess get more add-ons than others but the vr sucks and what not. So. where is the best place to buy it? I dont care about the add-ons at the moment because if I have to buy it in another place (twice) the cost will totally TRUMP any add-on costs in the future so, I will be saving money I suppose.

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  I was one of the guys that had to buy it twice because the Oculus Store version is empty.  Last time I played the Oculus version, the daily races had around 10 users vs the Steam's 2000. The Oculus store has no DLC.   Half of the game is DLC. 

The early issues with Oculus and the Steam version have been sorted. 


Buy it from Steam.

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