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Monza - second chicane ski jump. 🙂

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Dear CodeMasters, 

If I want to emulate Eddie the Eagle (Look him up) by going over a ski jump I will find a skiing game. OK? 

As far as F1 motor racing is concerened the sudden death ski jump at the inside of the right hand bend in Monza's 2nd chicane, resulting from a driver runing over just part of the sausage curb, is patently ridiculous!!  

Having watched proper F1 for many years the cars that go over the sausage curbs just run wide or hang their tail out.  They do not launch into the air and fly, at apparently ever increasing speed, head on into the barrier!!  The main reason for this is they have loads of down-force and are doing 60mph not 260mph. 

In pursuit of greater realism please sort this out and whilst you are at it get rid of the titanium poles set in concrete you use as corner apex markers at some circuits; because they stop cars dead like your erstwhile invisible walls. 

Thank you!

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