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More realistic gearbox simulation

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First of all i have to congratulate Codemasters on making the only rally sim that can compete (and IMHO win) the good ole RBR. My whole life pretty much revolves around old cars, tuned engines and driving the hell out of them both IRL and in sims. I can honestly say DR2.0 is the most amount of fun behind my sim rig I've had in years.

But it's not perfect. Probably my biggest issue right now is with how the game simulates various gearboxes. Old skool stuff with H-shifter and synchromesh gearboxes are fine, but a lot of the H-shifter cars in the game should have dog boxes. My biggest issue is with the Group-A cars. They do have clutches and H-pattern, but they can be shifted without clutch IRL, which is not possible in the game. A dog box will pretty much accept any gear at any speed no matter if you use clutch or not. But in the game if you try to shift without clutch the gears wont go in. IRL driver typically will use clutch on a dog box only to make sure the box will last longer, but on a serious competition it's not usually used. This requirement to use clutch makes proper use of the left foot braking technique impossible.

Here's a good example of the famous Colin Mcrae in the famous 555 Subaru:


Some of the footage features a foot cam and as you can see no clutch is being used.

Also cars with sequential gearboxes act funny too. They don't feel like proper sequential gearboxes. Most of them actually are dog boxes with different shifting mechanism, so they should act similar too. Now if you drive a sequential car it actually feels like you are driving one of the H-shifter cars, but with automatic clutch and throttle control. They shift way too slow and smooth. Also the clutch can't be used, it doesn't do anything when you press it. Clutch is a very useful tool on many situations when you need to either regain some balance or clutch kick the car. Also if you lock up your brakes and stop in an intersection without the clutch depressed the engine should stall. Now the game just helps you with the automatic clutch help.

BTW that grpA Subaru has a funny looking small diameter wheel in the game for some reason. Not my cup of tea :)). Some other cars feature this too. It's kinda distracting inside a VR headset. Not the biggest issue thought, but I would like to see it fixed some day.

Have you ever thought about giving the player an option to choose the diameter / type of wheel he uses in his car? Would be nice :).

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Yes absolutely this is true.  But by the way, if you enable "clutch override" assist, you can clutch kick.


But I agree that

A) Sequential cars are shifting too slow and costing you time.  

B) dogboxes should be shiftable without clutch and

C) that you should have a mode without automatic clutch help (clutch nanny, another thread is already present for this)

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7 minutes ago, bn880 said:

Yes absolutely this is true.  But by the way, if you enable "clutch override" assist, you can clutch kick.


Interesting, thanks for the tip. I have to try this. It never occurred to me that enabling an assist could make the game a tad more realistic :D.

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