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Lots of sparks under the car...do you have to change the car height after having several R&D upgrades?

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Is that intended or a weird bug?

I've been using some of the setups from https://www.f1carsetup.com/ for a while now.

I've seen in season 1 my car is barely making a little spark from the car floor hitting the track at full speed and then season 3 my car is sparking for a whole straight using the exact same setup in the same track (only my car, no excessive spark from AI cars)

So my wild guess is that because of several chasis, aero and engine upgrades the car now weights less and with a better engine and wings there's increased downforce pushing the car down and it's now hitting the track and thus a lot of sparks.

Can anyone confirm that's actually a thing to look for? or just some random graphic bug making only my car spark a lot?

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I don’t know. Thought about this a lot when setting up ride height. I used to spend time trying to find the lowest ride height i could run without producing excessive sparks (especially through fast corners) as bottoming out should stall the downforce and result in loss of downforce/grip.

After playing about with this a fair bit though, best i can tell, the sparks are just a visual (and there is also an audio) effect, but bottoming out doesn’t seem to make any noticeable difference.

Makes the ride height part of the setup pretty redundant (like most of the rest of it).

Interested to know if anyone has any other thoughts on this?

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