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PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?


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40 minutes ago, senna94f1 said:

Yeah but the issues arise when you want to do leagues, 

Do you do wheel only leagues for us wheel user's and for those with pads, let them create there own leagues, 

And there lays the problem 🙄

2 very different communities who don't race against each other, 

And then  wheel companies sponsor the game,

Some wheel only leagues ban pad users, 

And its very easy to see who's on what just by viewing them on track watching there steering wheel rotation, 

I still think f12020 is pretty good 👍 

Were you replying to me? I don't follow your logic if you were. Codemasters' current approach is precisely to allow wheel and pad players to play together, and nothing I wrote was against this.

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Yes @senna94f1 - Its the league racing, and multiplayer racing that is not as fun when you are competing with people who have totally different interfaces to the game, and skillsets.  Codemasters is basically munging all these drivers together, and handicapping the gameplayers performances at their whim every year, with their code and logarithms. 

I would rather CM play a less active role in handicapping the physical interfaces for races, and let people build lobbies that let the drivers driving be the only big variable in the racing.


In Lobby Settings just create these toggles:
✓ Wheel    ✓ Keyboard    ✓Controller Pad

And allow people to see TT interface Icon next to assists in the leaderboards.


If you are going to put so much effort into building a realistic game, at least let people choose to compete in a realistic way, because you would never let someone with a controller play someone with a wheel in real life.  The discussion would always be about the best interface, and not about who is the best driver.

IMHO Racing is always best when everyone has nearly the same interfaces to the same machines, and the driver's specific skills most closely determine the outcome - "one design racing."   Its why there are tight equipment design specs in all great racing events (like F1).  When you introduce huge variables in equipment and let "The Wizard of Oz" decide who wins or loses, it is less interesting, to me.

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@Quirk50 based on what I saw the weekend before last, I don't think there are enough players online at any one time to start trying to restrict access to lobbies as you suggest. Not in unranked from what I saw and from what I've read here I think  the issue is likely to be worse for ranked.

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If the developers make choices that serve core racers, they will have a raving fan base, and there will be plenty of people for lobbies.  There are also many other ways to make lobbies more full. (crossplatform, track availability etc.)  Its a business decision - are you playing for short term profit?  or are you trying to make a realistic simulator game/league?

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The built-in traction assist that pad runners have is unfair, and the solution is to have it count as an assist. Then it’s perfectly fine for anyone to use it when you want it and when you can. If you want to attend a game where no assists are allowed, you either practice practice practice, or you’d buy yourself a wheel (and just practice).

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On 11/15/2019 at 11:48 AM, TheEmpireWasRight said:

The fastest pad driver should NEVER be able to compete against the fastest wheel driver. Period.


Cars are driven with a wheel, not some sticks and buttons irl, hence why the game should at least respect this truth and try to emulate real life more accurately.


Imo, the pad should be around 5 tenths slower per lap compared to the wheel, else there is no reason to use the wheel in the first place.







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