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4 second lap on Indy Oval track

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Playing some multiplayer tonight and experienced 2 bugs.

1 - a touring car event where I started the first two races in a Sierra Cosworth and then the third in an Alfa Romeo.

2 - on the Indy Oval track, I was forced off track by an AI after the first bend (sigh). I hit the flashback button and was sent to the back of the pack, except that the game told me that I was in first place. I was clearly at the rear of the pack (screenshot 1), and lost ground over the remaining two laps, except that when I crossed the line I had won the race. The timing screen showed that my fastest lap was 4 seconds. (screenshot 2). 

This was on PC, version 1.1. Everything on my PC is otherwise up to date. 



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Weird indeed. I have never seen a Ganders Outdoors Series NASCAR Truck do a 4 second lap around the Brickyard in real life. Not even in the past races at the Indy 500 are a lap time of four seconds possible.

Hey @ChrisGrovesMCM, you got a new thing on your radar.

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