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Let's Talk F1 2020 Season Mod ..

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It's that time of year for myself!


The F1 Season Mods are my annual content that brings new life to the Codemasters F1 games.


Here is the 2019 SM, check it out to get a feel of what a Season Mod is:



In recent light due to Codies neglecting to release the language file for this years game, There will be a few thing's differen't

to the last few Season Mods.


F1 2018 will be the game that will be brought back to life leaving F1 2019 in the dust.


I'm interested to hear your guys opinion on if it should be on F1 2019 or F1 2018!!

In the video I discuss the pro's and con's of the situation.


I wanna hear what you think!



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On 11/16/2019 at 6:37 AM, Krisdix said:

speed games have never disappointed people, with f1 2020 it will give you a great experience behind the wheel, I am very excited about your game, certainly it will not do I am disappointed


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