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An overview of issues with F1 2019


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Hey people! 


You may have seen my post last week where  I asked you about issues you had with the game. I've had almost 150 replies and I went through all of them. Thank you to everyone who replied, I appreciate it a lot! Now it's time for the results. A quick warning, there is A LOT to read. Note: These issues are across all platforms and both multiplayer and single player.

I genuinely hope that the game finally gets fixed. Most of the people who quit the game, did so because of the lack of stability and excess of bugs. I do expect more people to quit playing the game if the game doesn't get attention soon. The game was promoted as "esports ready" but that has turned into a big meme sadly. Over the past few months there have been plenty "technical issues" with the esports events (both pro series and challenger series) and everyone knows it's because the game is just not in a good place. 


Cheers, JC. 


Community involvement

There is a complete lack of communication to the community. There is so much feedback about the game and it just seems to get ignored. Keep us updated about what you're working on. Be transparent. Start actively looking for issues with the game instead of waiting for people to report things.


Game crashes

  • Player’s game crashing at random while in a race, in a loading screen or in a lobby. No idea what’s causing it, but a lot of people have these issues.
  • Steam compatibility is one of the issues for some people, but the crashes still occur with the steam overlay disabled.
  • Tabbing out frequently causes the game to crash but again, not always and very inconsistently.
  • When in a lobby after selecting a car, game crashes occur when going back to the car selection menu.
  • An issue where people are shown a black screen while leaving a session. They get stuck here and have to force quit the game. Any progress made is lost.


Game performance

  • There are still people reporting random screen-freezes out of nowhere. This causes force feedback to drop out as well for the duration of the screen-freeze.
  • When people join or leave a lobby the drivers in the lobby get a small stutter. Not just the host, usually every driver in the lobby.
  • FPS drops when steam messages are received and shown in the overlay. There is a general incompatibility with steam. Many people have to disable the overlay to play the game.
  • An issue where the lobby host’s FPS goes to +-20 after someone else leaves or joins the lobby. This doesn’t disappear until the host leaves the session.
  • Issue where FPS drops after changing the position of HUD elements on the screen.
  • Issue where the player’s car seems to be teleporting while changing settings in the menu.
  • Lagg/fps drops during pit stops. 


Formation lap/Race start issues

  • When starting a formation lap or race start some people get stuck “loading”. After a while their game lets them drive off while the rest of the grid gets stuck on the loading screen. When the driving car leaves the session the rest of the grid finally gets to drive. In this clip you can see what happens. There is also a POV from the driver who experiences this issue and is able to drive himself. 
  • A similar thing happens with all players loaded. 
  • Desynchronized starts where part of the grid still shows red lights while the other part of the grid has no lights and can drive off. This often causes crashes because people don’t expect cars to be stationary at a race start.


Desync/net code issues

  • Desync issues are still here. Two people are unable to see each other, causing them to drive “inside” of each other. This looks very odd for someone who can see both cars as they appear to drive on top of each other. Example (Both Mercedes cars are desynced)
  • When the game disconnects a driver (or the game crashes) and the player joins back, there is a high chance of the gaps being wrong. For example, a player might be within DRS range, but the delta says the gap is 3 seconds
  • Some players receive a message showing “no unbranded lobbies” while searching for multiplayer lobbies.
  • Drivers having contact with another car even though there is no visible contact, likely caused by desync.
  • Drivers getting penalties for contact even though there is nobody on their screen.
  • An issue where a player gets kicked and receives a message that the session no longer exists. Error code SP64.
  • Every network maintenance seems to bring more desync and lobby issues, especially the past few weeks.
  • Sometimes when voting for a new track in ranked lobbies the vote sometimes gets stuck or happens more than once.
  • An issue where blue flags were shown to drivers who are on the same lap as the car behind. 

Track limits and penalties

  • The track limits on certain tracks are very odd. Some corners such as Stowe in Britain you can run super wide, gain 0.2s without warning while you do get a warning if you cross the white line only slightly. In other corners you can get instant 5s stop-go penalties for a very small cut (mainly in hairpins) while you don’t get any warning if you cut the track a tiny bit less. An example, the player in the clip below spins off track, stays off track for a while and gets a 10s penalty when going back on track. Clearly, he didn’t gain an advantage or anything here. It’s very frustrating when these things happen.
  • Getting (grid) penalties for a collision caused by another driver.
  • Getting disqualified from a session while having to reverse to get back on track or having to drive the track backwards for a short period to safely turn the car around (on Monaco for example).
  • When loading a save or using a flashback in the pit lane, players are randomly awarded 5 second penalties for no reason.
  • Penalties sometimes show incorrectly. 
  • Issue where rules were set to corner cutting only and one driver got a speeding penalty while entering the pits while others did not.
  • Issue where penalties don’t pop up on screen for whatever reason. In practice it doesn’t show a red track, no message, only the black and white flag next to the time on the HUD. This was fixed by opening the options menu and then all the messages popped up. 


Pit issues

  • A glitch where you get held in the pits either before your teammate has left the pit while double stacking, or after the tyres have been changed. Often causes people to get stuck infinitely or for a long time at least, but most people get stuck so long that they leave the race. 
  • Double stacking. There seems to be a sweet spot for this and if you miss it then the pitstop is screwed. This has to do with the time of the animation. It’d be great if double stacking was more of a thing. In real life teams can easily pull this off without losing more than 1s per stop.
  • Pit crews not replacing a front wing when the wing is damaged and the MFD option is set to yes to replace the wing. When it’s set to yes it should always repair the wing unless there is no damage.
  • In qualifying or practice, when two cars try to leave the pit box within +-10-15s of each other they glitches out in a way where the later car sees the other car driving out but ends up going out before the other driver. This doesn't always happen, but it sure is annoying.
  • There is an issue in Monaco where the car gets released from the pitlane and drives straight into the wall without steering input. 


Sound issues

  • Rev limiter glitch. The engine continuously makes the sound it makes at maximum rpm. Lee said this was supposed to be fixed even before the game launched since it’s a glitch that was also in F1 2018 and it was said this would've been fixed. 
  • Complete loss of sound when loading into a session. The only way to fix this for a player is to reconnect to the lobby or move on to the next session.
  • A glitch where the player infinitely hears the xp ticking sound until the xp screen is shown again. 
  • In some cases, the race engineer stops answering or gives incomplete answers when questions are asked through the MFD.
  • Audio stutters where game audio stops for half a second and then continues again.


Safety car

  • The way the safety car comes out is very random. Sometimes in a 50% race a driver retires in the pits and it calls out a (virtual) safety car but when 3 cars crash out, all losing their wing or retiring, nothing happens. In case of cars crashing we should see a safety car, or at least a virtual safety car if there are no retirements while a retirement in the pits shouldn’t trigger anything. In the gif there’s a big crash and no safety car comes out which is ridiculous. 
  • The safety car sometimes shows up during qualifying sessions. Not sure how this happens.
  • Not being allowed to overtake the safety car while being a lap down. 
  • Issue where the safety car remains on track even though there are green flags.
  • Issue where the safety car is supposed to come into the pits but stays out (message pops up but it stays out).


Retiring the car

Allow us to retire the car in the pits like in real life. Currently in league races people retire from the race while driving into the pits, but the AI takes over and completes the pitstop and drives out again, causing a yellow flag on track and sometimes a VSC, which can ruin the race.


Tyre issues

  • During the formation lap the tyres basically heated up and got worn as if they got dipped in lava. Wear over 90% and temps over 1000C as seen in the pictures.
  • When spectating, it often happens that tyres are shown incorrectly on the car. The player can be on softs and the tyres on the car show yellow. Happens with all tyre combinations, even between dries and wets. This bug also appears for drivers when looking at other cars, but less frequently.
  • It feels like tyre data was copy pasted from F1 2018 and is not at all in line with the actual tyre performance of the real 2019 season. 
  • Issue where a player gets completely fresh tyres or a different set of tyres when someone else joins an ongoing practice session.
  • Receiving a different tyre set than the one chosen in the selection menu. 



  • Sometimes when cars are stationary on track and spun around/sideways they don’t ghost even though ghosting is enabled. In these cases, they should really ghost when the rest of the cars are driving 200+ kph.
  • Sometimes when cars ghost and you drive through them, they will still spin as if the two cars collided.
  • Cars randomly ghosting for no reason.



  • There seems to be an issue where setups show as loaded, but when starting the race, it reverts to the default setup.
  • When loading a setup in Time Trial it doesn’t always load the setup. It sometimes takes a few tries when copying someone’s setup before it is actually applied. It seems that the game struggles more to overwrite custom setups than default setups.


Esports events

Some people seem to have an issue where their time doesn’t get saved in the esports events even though they’ve signed up.



Sometimes when tyre barriers are hit, they move onto the track and blocking it. In real life when this happens barriers are fixed, and debris is removed from the track. This can be solved by calling out a (V)SC so the barrier can be “repaired” and put back in place.


  • AI behavior seems to be very hit or miss. Sometimes they just completely turn in even though the player is alongside them for the entire braking zone. Then other times in an almost identical overtake they just completely back out. When blue flagged, they just slam their brakes when you’re in their slipstream, thus breaking the player’s front wing. They tend to drive into the wall in turn 3 at Baku if you overtake around the outside, or brake-check the player at turn 11 in Bahrain.
  • AI very rarely (almost never) make mistakes and players feel like they have too much traction out of corners. They’re too much on rails.
  • Qualifying times when a player is not in q3 or fast forwarding seem to be faster than they are supposed to be.
  • AI pace is very inconsistent from track to track. On some tracks people struggle to keep up with their teammate, while they fight for podiums on other tracks.
  • AI strategies are unrealistic/unusual. They always stick to their strategy. For example, when it starts raining, they sometimes pit for new slicks one lap before DRS enables and it is time for wet weather tyres.
  • Weber is still very fast compared to other AI.
  • An issue where AI performance reverted to season 1 round 1 when the player got knocked out of qualifying before Q3.
  • AI starts are unrealistically good and consistent. 
  • AI getting stuck in front of their pit box during practice sessions and qualifying.
  • Issue where AI cars teleport in career mode.
  • AI seems to be incredibly quick in rainy conditions.
  • Issue where AI set dry lap times on a wet track.
  • AI never have collisions with each other, which is very unrealistic.


Career mode

  • Gearbox worn out very quickly. Even with 100% research it barely made 6 races. 
  • Players getting rain in every race weekend in career mode. 
  • Fastest lap will not be recorded on the driver profile if the player saves the game mid-session. Setting the fastest lap after loading the session again also doesn’t register.
  • Williams’ performance is too good in the first season.
  • Issue where certain drivers constantly DNF, including the opening races where components are completely new. This doesn’t happen for the player whatsoever. This ruins the immersion since championship rivals will get penalties at the final races this way.
  • Car development is too quick. You can have a maxed-out car after 3 seasons. There should be an option to change this.
  • Engine development is unrealistic. An existing engine can not be improved while in use, meaning that upgrades should only apply on unused engine parts instead of all parts (this is how FIA regulates it). Furthermore, raw engine performance of customer teams should NEVER be better or worse than that of the factory team. Of course, there are small advantages to be gained with fuel for example, but Alfa Romeo shouldn’t pass Ferrari because their engine performance is 10% better.
  • Practice programs are very dull and repetitive. It would be great to see some change here. Simulating is not much of an option for most people because components wear out too much when doing so. An idea would be to activate multiple programs at once, so the player doesn’t have to go back to the pits after 2 laps of driving.
  • Race simulation program should be with full race fuel (27.5/55/105kg, depending on the settings) and not with 6 laps.
  • You can change components (all but gearbox) between qualifying and the race without penalty, even though you’re breaking parc fermé.
  • Interview questions get super repetitive. It’d be great if more were added which shouldn’t be difficult at all.



  • At some tracks large parts of the highlights show walls or the back of a grandstand instead of the cars. Canada is one of them.
  • Most of the time the replay system doesn’t actually show the highlights, instead it just shows the player driving around the track randomly with like 25% of the overtakes. There are also cases where the replay cuts off right before an overtake which is stupid. It shows the build-up and then gives a big anti-climax.
  • Complete replays of races would be great, including overtakes from other drivers instead of just your own.



  • F2 cars unavailable.
  • No save option between sessions.



  • ERS management is unrealistic. I think I can say this for everyone playing F1 that it’s better to have automatic ERS management with an overtake button that can be used when there is enough battery charge, just like in real life.
  • The way fuel works seems unrealistic. It might be to simulate different engine modes, but we end up switching fuel throughout the lap too often whereas the real F1 drivers don’t switch engine modes that often.
  • Tracks need updating. They have been the same for far too long and they are just not the same as they are in real life. One thing especially is the bump at Suzuka between the final chicane and the finish line.
  • The car performance is off. Some tracks the cars are too slow, while at other tracks the cars are much faster than what they should be. This is partially down to track design as well.
  • UI sometimes not showing how much extra fuel is left.
  • Cars falling through the maps and cars taking off.
  • Car inside a barrier.
  • An issue where a player drives out of the pits and is only able to accelerate to about 100 mph, while the engine was in good condition.
  • Inaccurate speed trap information from the engineer.
  • People getting placed into empty lobbies too frequently. Issue here is that there are not enough people that play ranked AND when people do, they can only get matched with their own skill rating instead of into a lobby where everyone can drive.
  • Issue with the damage model where a driver gets hit on the left side, but gets damage on the right side.
  • When the host crashes to desktop during a race the positions get all messed up.
  • Hackers being an issue in multiplayer.
  • Issue where a player’s data (saved setups, career details, character) were completely wiped for no reason.
  • Issue where the car randomly stops moving. For example, when going through a corner it suddenly resets the car to track.
  • Spectator telemetry is not accurate during the opening laps of a race. It usually corrects itself on lap 2 or 3.
  • I don’t even know how to explain this, but the video perfectly shows the issue.
  • Force feedback on F1 cars is very weak compared to F1 2018 while FFB on F2 cars is fine.
  • Issue where a player would get reset to track while trying to go into the pits (in China).
  • Issue where the player can change their starting tyre compound even after qualifying in the top 10.
  • Issue where it is nearly impossible to brake at the exit of the pitlane in wet conditions with assists.
  • Issue where the mirrors become completely black at Bahrain when driving in the dark. 
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  • Moderator

I'd say this should've been in the General Discussion section, as it is not a thread that is reporting a single bug, and also gives some suggestions for the future 🙂 

@RedDevilKT and @Hoo, maybe it'd be useful to put this to the General side?


For reporting bugs, see the README thread


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1 hour ago, UP100 said:

I'd say this should've been in the General Discussion section, as it is not a thread that is reporting a single bug, and also gives some suggestions for the future 🙂 

@RedDevilKT and @Hoo, maybe it'd be useful to put this to the General side?


For reporting bugs, see the README thread


Yeah I wasn't really sure where to put it. Either here or general discussion. Since it's mainly a report on bugs I figured it'd be best in technical assistance. And since there are so many, It's not really a viable option to make a thread for every single bug, because that would just take another 5 hours of extra work. 

It's fine if the mods move it, as long as it gets attention from the developers. There's a bunch of problems with the game, and it's causing players to quit the game and most of all, it pushes them away from the company and F1 franchise. 

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First of all, a massive thank you for making this post with this list of issues with the game.


I want to highlight another issue with the game, it's not a bug/glitch but it is most certainly quite a big issue in the game. In the F1 game drivers are only able to have a maximum of 1 set of the medium compound in a short qualifying session (which is used in the far majority of the F1 racing leagues). This is completely unrealistic, because in real F1 the drivers usually have 2 sets of medium tyres to use in Q2, where the starting tyres for the top 10 in the race are determined.


In the F1 game this leads to drivers ultimately doing a 'one-shot qualy' on that 1 set of medium tyres, completely counteracting the purpose of the 18 minutes long 'short qualifying' session. It should be very easy for Codemasters to implement the option to allow drivers to select any custom amount of tyres from any of the 3 compounds, with the limit of a maximum of 4 sets of tyres for the qualifying session, just like with the 3 presets of tyre selections that a short qualifying session now has. 

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Nice post.


Except for the issue in britain i have to say that the tracklimits are GREAT in this game! The best we had so far. In 2018 you never know how much you can cut a corner before you get a penalty and now it is extrem intuitive. 

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They are useless because of the missing slots for more than 20 drivers.



I still hope that you can play ranked with your friends again in 2020... like in every other multiplayer game. It would be great to be able to invite friends that are on your safety rank to lobbies.

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Guest Bicarda

This extensive list needs to get stickied I think 🙂
This has to be a goldmine for the developers. 
With this they could show that they care and maybe stop this game from dying as it is now. 

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Guest Bicarda

Or maybe one of the mods can copy paste this in the "PC Known Issues" topic here: 

Maybe @BarryBL ?

Cause that list is rather incomplete as you can see. All issues in this post above should be known issues by now. (Although i get not all of them are bugs, most of them are) 
(Those issues mentioned in faya's topic that have been known about since about launch are still very much there btw) 

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  • Administrator
10 hours ago, Bicarda said:

Or maybe one of the mods can copy paste this in the "PC Known Issues" topic here: 

Maybe @BarryBL ?

Cause that list is rather incomplete as you can see. All issues in this post above should be known issues by now. (Although i get not all of them are bugs, most of them are) 
(Those issues mentioned in faya's topic that have been known about since about launch are still very much there btw)  

@Bicarda, thanks for the feedback and thanks everyone for the ideas.

This is something I'm looking to incorporate and update when possible. However, I want to make sure the list is correct and we have answers for the points wherever possible (if we have a load of points, I want to have as many answers for everyone as possible), which is taking a little time. Don't worry, its on the list 🙂

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12 hours ago, BarryBL said:

@Bicarda, thanks for the feedback and thanks everyone for the ideas.

This is something I'm looking to incorporate and update when possible. However, I want to make sure the list is correct and we have answers for the points wherever possible (if we have a load of points, I want to have as many answers for everyone as possible), which is taking a little time. Don't worry, its on the list 🙂

It's "on the list" for YEARS! So.... what else is new!? It's not like we haven't heard the "itsonthelist" blabla before. 

when we see action and see something is actually beeing DONE with these points, then it's starting to become credible.

for now it's just another another empty promise. 

We stopped worrying a long time ago, and it switched to stopped believing everything coming from CM.

When you simply get to the point that you don't believe anything anymore, you automatically stop worrying.

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Can someone explain to me why this game was a masterpiece on dayone early 3 day access with Senna vs prost edition on the ps4 ,

using a t300 ,

every worked brilliantly,. Only thing that needed tweaking was ffb in the rain as wheel ffb was too light,

the tracks looked beautiful, the sounds glorious and ffb was bliss,

even pad vs wheel was equal,

and now after 15 bad patches we end up with a game that's worse then f12018 ,

all the above I repeatly reported along with others on patches 1.06 onwards,

the actual f12019 cars in unranked multiplayer are so bad with ffb using a wheel that very few now use for league racing,

most leagues I know use the multiplayer cars or classic cars,

why then is this game called f12019 ,

stop bringing out very childish paid stuff, most of that's is for kids and not for the serious f1 racer ,

you had this game all worked out ,

so far every f1 game from f12015 to f12019 you've done exactly the same,.

You Make a very good game BAD with bad  patches,

so why can't the ffb for classic and multiplayer cars for wheel users feel the same for the f12019 cars.

we know you people at codemasters can turn the game , fingers crossed.

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Guest Bicarda

@BarryBL Any info on this? 

I hope this is not one of those.. let's postpone till the f1 2020 hype starts situations. 

Are there people working on fixing any, if not all of these issues? 

Are the devs unwilling to put in any effort and working against you on this? 

We need an update. An honest update. 
Show us that you're here to help us turn this sh*tshow around.

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  • Administrator

Hi everyone,

Myself and @JustChillin97 have spoken about his survey (the idea I've copied) and I've used my survey to gain further feedback on the forums, and what I can do to help. My survey closes tonight, and I've started to go through the responses to this. 

There is a vast amount of things I'm looking to cover in a forum update shortly, covering a wide range of topics. As certain features are so discussed (and there is a few heavily discussed ones on these forums), getting the best answers I can that benefits everyone is taking a little time.

In terms of directly answering your questions, we are still supporting F1 2019 and we will be moving forward. 

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On 12/2/2019 at 2:06 PM, BarryBL said:

Hi everyone,

Myself and @JustChillin97 have spoken about his survey (the idea I've copied) and I've used my survey to gain further feedback on the forums, and what I can do to help. My survey closes tonight, and I've started to go through the responses to this. 

There is a vast amount of things I'm looking to cover in a forum update shortly, covering a wide range of topics. As certain features are so discussed (and there is a few heavily discussed ones on these forums), getting the best answers I can that benefits everyone is taking a little time.

In terms of directly answering your questions, we are still supporting F1 2019 and we will be moving forward. 

I hope you survey is not as **** as the last 1 a few weeks ago.

That survey was full off useless questions, I was hoping for real questions.

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Guest Bicarda

Any news on this? it's been a week again. 
Apart from a matchmaking survey, literally no new on which of these issues is being worked on. 
I'm quite sure a lack of communication from codemasters has come forward a lot in your survey 

So now's your time to shine: What's happening at this time to pull f1 2019 out of the gutter?  (in terms of fixing the game.. not on the forums) 
Or can we expect it to stay there? 

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The way I see it guys and quite a few others also,

And  that's on here and people I meet in leagues from around the world,

the problem is the core of the f12019!game has been changed to appeal to pad users under the age of 18 ,

why do u ask,

its done to generate more cash,

they had an almost perfect game when 1st released and each update made the game worse for wheel users,

the game is so erratic,you don't know wether it will blue screen or sound disappearance,

car set ups did work properly on dayone release, they don't now as you see people with no downforce at front wing and max on rear wing,

i knew once I'd seen that ,the game was finished,

i bought the Senna vs Prost digital edition 3 days early access,and I posted this game was a masterpiece at the time on this forum,

only thing that needed tweaking was ffb in the rain as it was a tad light, pad vs wheel was equal,

4 to 5 months later the game is that bad with bugs it's crazy,. 

It highly favours pads over wheel,

not one patch has put right anything, in actual fact you changed the core game on purpose to sell more games,

and that's the key to all of this, codemasters are not going to change f12019 because they are not interested in us once we paid for game,

.theres absolutely no goodwill spirit anymore,

so I would say if your a hardcore sim racer then don't buy ,unless it's £10 ,but if your under 18 and on a pad then this game has been perfectly designed for you over the last few months.

you can agree or disagree but proof is in the pudding and nothing has changed ,just got worse,

happy Christmas everyone,  Scrooge comes to mind 😅🙏🏁🏎🚥😇

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Guest Bicarda

And now it's christmas and we're still waiting. 

I appreciate all the effort that @BarryBL is going through.. it has to be a massive encyclopedia by now. Even if he just wrote 20 words a day it's already a bigger post than ANY we've ever seen from codemasers (and this is not a joke i checked this). And i'm quite sure he is a capable guy and is doing what he can which is surely way more than 20 words a day. 

I do ask however: if this is such a huge task why is he doing this on his own? No amount of written text about a game should take more than a month to write.
I know this means we will get a 20k + words essay. and i am really looking forward to it. and this community needs it. This game needs it. 
It just feels like they've put too much weight on one persons shoulders if it takes 6 weeks to write an update on bug reports. 

It also has one very bad side effect: Even though we finally have someone writing things, it is taking so long that for the public, it looks like STILL nothing is being done!
This is very sad and surely not doing justice to the multiple hours each day BarryBL is spending on writing this essay. So Codemasters please don't put too much workload on your staff! spread it out please! if someone is taking 6 weeks to write a reply to bug reports (starting 5 months after launch) Then it should have been written by more people.

Is there any chance we will be seeing it this year still? 
Or does it really take till next year to make a reply to a november 17 list of CONFIRMED BUGS?

Don't get me wrong i do appreciate taking the time to get it right. But it appears this just wasn't a one man job and that should have been noticed way earlier... 
If kids give this performance for school projects they get rightfully reprimanded. 

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  • Moderator

I do understand what you are saying here, and I will be the last to ignore this fact. But I do believe Barry is doing the best he can and acknowlegded the fact that this is a hard job to do alone. Just by appointing two moderators to keep his life easier is a step in the right direction (not saying that the two of us do everything or more than expected) but it has been a step. Also accept the fact that changing things takes time, and yes some issues have been reported long time ago and still remain unsolved. But lots of things have been solved. And it's not Barry's role to solve issues like this isn't our role. It's the communcation that needs to improve and I believe that is going in the right direction too. Time will tell. In the meanwhile I will do as much as I can to improve things and vent suggestions in the time I can spent here.

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Hi bicarda,

tbh and let's get away from i am being negative or positive,  I didn't expect anything different,

latest from codemasters is there trying to change the way they can highlight post bugs ,

but that's for wait ( F12020 )

they should give whoever requests  a refund  ,

the amount of time people have come on here and posted about bugs has covered 80% of f1 forum total posts,

sorry barry nothing has been fixed for f12019 , you've actually made the game worse especially for wheel users,

weve since found out that each new patch was designed to allow for a very simple arcade game for kids as young as 3 years old to play on,

and that was definitely done to attract a different audience to try to sell the game,

 like trying to flog a dead horse,

i think codemasters should look after there customers who will recommend the game to everyone else,

i personally got around 300 people to invest or buy f12019 for league racing based on how good the game was on day one release,

people 300 X £50 = £15,000

you had a superb f1 game which potentially could have been generating a decent amount of money for codemasters all year long,

i personally don't trust codemasters and anything that's posted on here by them or more importantly the advertising campaigns to the run of,of new F1 games,

And  you've done that,. 

How many 3 year old upwards do you think or believe run leagues or have wheels and race on f12019 ,

A very merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year .

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Guest Bicarda


Haha! No but i mean the big post you were writing with updates and answers regarding all the issues. More specifically the ones above. 

I recall you saying "There is a vast amount of things I'm looking to cover in a forum update shortly, covering a wide range of topics. " 
Remember? the one you referred to as being the size of a small novel (since it took more than 6 weeks to write)

I'm as glad as anyone that you actually wrote something again, don't get me wrong. But still waiting for the real update that you promised. addressing all the issues with the game right now and telling us why they haven't been fixed yet, And what is gonna get fixed and when.  Those 5 points you wrote are all on the list above but.. The game is much worse than that (as you know) 

The list above has 111 points. which is why at first we thought it fair that you took WEEKS to address them all. 
When it became months it started looking really fishy and disappointing again. But if after a month and a half, All you come up with is a list of 5 points and think That is it...... well i hope you can imagine my disappointment lol. 

We were literally asked by Codemasters staff to make a list of the issues. The game (while pretty) is so **** and there are so many, that a different forum post for everything just isn't efficient. So we did it, went all out of our way for you doing work that YOU and the devs should actually have done. (tested your game for you.. made the comprehensible list) After which you told us you were working on a forum post regarding all the issues. Then we don't hear from you for weeks and then you come up with that stupid post...? Where's the rest? 

I really hope you are joking.. We can't have waited 6 months just for another "Oh and the reall issues.. i don't have an answer yet that requires some time as someone from codemasters actually needs to do something" I THOUGHT YOU WHERE DOING THAT! i thought the last 7 weeks you were talking with the devs about these issues so you could make a good forum post about them..  i thought THAT's what took so long! If it's not that then what took you 6 weeks to write it lol?  

It's good that there's still some things being fixed. It's horrible that stability and crashes and desyncs are not among those. as well as 105 other issues. 

And i really feel fooled by you now. lied to. You kept saying 'have patience i'm working on a big update addressing all the issues just you wait it's the size of a novel" and Then after weeks come with this.. "For some topics, especially for some that create the most discussion with everyone, an update can take some time as more people from Codemasters will usually be involved."  

First of all 106 out of the 111 points is not 'some topics' its 'virtually all topics'

And 2nd of all How do you think this looks to us? 😂 Do you think this gives us any good hopes for the next game? If the company that makes it can't even address forum posts and bug reports? 

And lastly IF YOU CANT DO IT, write those things, for the love of god tell the devs to actually make developer diaries for us and tell us what they will fix for this one, and what direction they will be going for the next one. Tell us if they actually have faith in their own game.. Codemasters should let them talk to us cause apparently you don't have permission to say things on your own. 

Very disappointing start to the new year this!

Codemasters doesn't look good again. 


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  • Administrator


Thanks for your feedback.

On the 'Community Post Update' we have decided to provide updates on the hottest discussions that have been reported by the community, including heavily requested topics like Safety Car etc.  

For us to be able to find a 'bug' or an issue in the game, we need an accurate way that the issue has been produced (see recent posts from @Far1an and @ReimvomSchleim here and here for excellent examples) to be able to investigate it and, hopefully, re-create this. If this means more threads in the forum, I'm happy with that. For us to address an issue, like with all games, we need to be able to re-produce it. 

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