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An overview of issues with F1 2019


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14 hours ago, BarryBL said:


Thanks for your feedback.

On the 'Community Post Update' we have decided to provide updates on the hottest discussions that have been reported by the community, including heavily requested topics like Safety Car etc.  

For us to be able to find a 'bug' or an issue in the game, we need an accurate way that the issue has been produced (see recent posts from @Far1an and @ReimvomSchleim here and here for excellent examples) to be able to investigate it and, hopefully, re-create this. If this means more threads in the forum, I'm happy with that. For us to address an issue, like with all games, we need to be able to re-produce it. 

Well Barry my friend ,

the only way you are ever going to fix the above is for codemasters themselves to create there own ps4 leagues and Xbox leagues , the PC version can revert back to what ever patch they want to,

that way you will reproduce the huge faults ,

your just not listening to people who take time out to post on here,  almost 3 months ago you yourself said these issues would be fixed , or stop adding more bugs by altering the core of the game,

take f2 out to free up more much needed game performance like ffb , 

or if you can't fix the bugs you created ,then give the people ie codemasters customers a full refund for the game you messed up and then hide behind two civvies moderaters who have no control over the game getting fixed ,

sorry barry but with you coming on here yourself ,,you made a simple bug fix and turned all of this into a complicated mess ,

if you would have simply told the truth 6 months people would still not be hoping you fix f12019 ,

or put it another way ,stop wasting people's time ,

what a huge complicated mess , the way codemasters has handled this is bad ,

is it still too late for a refund , after all I did ask 6 months ago 😂🎮


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Guest Bicarda

Just play the game for more than a few minutes and you'll encounter COUNTLESS things that need fixing lol. 
Just try to start a league race. See if you can do it without peoples games crashing or people being desynced. Lobbies glitching, commentators getting the wrong tire info and more such nonsense. 

Almost all those issues have been reported somewhere in one way or another but just ignored. 

and that post you made has FIVE things. and one of them is for people using a KEYBOARD ON XBOX for crying out loud.
If you think you can say 'these 5 little things we're working on' and think that is enough to fix the mess this game is in that's hilarious.


But fine then i'll go about making a bug report for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE THINGS. 
But then i'll expect you not to ignore them like has happened with a lot of reports and forum posts in the past. 

And not lie again like you did when you said " I want to have as many answers for everyone as possible"

You just want to be done with it as easily as possible. A lot off the issues in the list above are formulated well enough that they could be a bug report on their own.
But fine. I'll go about making 100+ bug report topics. Would be good display of the trashy state the game is in anyway. 



But if you see the topmost point in the list

"There is a complete lack of communication to the community. There is so much feedback about the game and it just seems to get ignored. Keep us updated about what you're working on. Be transparent. Start actively looking for issues with the game instead of waiting for people to report things."

You are really pointing out exactly what we mean here. We made this impressive, comprehensive list, to make it EASIER for everyone cause all the forum posts just get ignored. 
And still that's not enough work WE DID FOR YOU. It shouldn't be our job to find these issues but we did. And now you're making me post all these things in seperate topics. 

Can't help but feel that's just a deterrent. But i'm going to do it when i have time later tonight. And since you make me go through all that effort id would be no more than reasonable if you personally reply to each and every one of them. @BarryBL

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Guest Bicarda

Don't give me that. 

YOU feel I need to do this. 

I'm perfectly happy with the way all issues are neatly put together in a list here. Some of them already have videos or pictures attached. This is easily accessible for the devs.
(and it looked like you were too when  you said "However, I want to make sure the list is correct and we have answers for the points wherever possible")


Sad to see! it looked really promising when you said you wanted to make change. But I was naive again it seems. Much too easy to lie to. 

If anyone at Codemasters really wanted to fix the game this list would be enough. Cause you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know when and where the glitches occur. 
But I'll make the 111 topics you want. in the format you want. Should have known Codemasters was not about efficiency. 


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