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dirt rally 2 microsoft store no multiplayer

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I don't have any option to play multiplayer or set up a lobby in dirt rally 2. I have the game on microsoft store. It's not just a problem with me, my friend who has the game on the same platform has the same issue as me. I can't even search for online lobbies, I can't press the button when im trying to create a custom championship.

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The same problem, why does the multiplayer is not accessible when the game is downloaded through Windows Store?

On Xbox one with the same account works just fine. 

Are there any fixes?


Found that on 26th september there was a article about this http://www.codemasters.com/dirt-rally-2-0-now-available-on-xbox-game-pass-pc-version-now-available-on-microsoft-store/

At the end of the article there was mentioned about this: "The ability to set up lobbies and play against friends in Custom will be added to the game very soon." 

It was 2 months ago.

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