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Unrealistic contact model

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I've been playing F1 games for quite some time now and i've always felt the need to address how the contact model in this game isn't realistic whatsoever as compared to real life. In a wheel to wheel battle in F1 2019, it's always the car on the inside that gets spun around if the car on the outside turns in early (or even if the car on the inside understeers into them). I've even got an example. Keep in mind, Raikkonen and Bottas colliding on the final lap in Russia 2015. Or even Kvyat & Hulkenberg colliding on the final lap in Mexico 2019. Or even Kvyat & Giovinazzi in Bahrain 2019. Now, take a look at this: | https://streamable.com/dj26w | This is not a one off btw. Here's another clip: | https://streamable.com/w8j6w | Bottomline is: This happens way too often, it's always the car on the inside spinning out from the lightest of touches and personally I don't believe that makes sense. I understand that this issue is not easy to fix in the current game so all I ask is you to take note of this for later F1 games. Thanks!

Edit: This issue is more severe than it sounds like. People are even taking advantage of the contact model in league racing to avoid spinning out. Clip:


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