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GRID on Stadia - Feedback Thread for Stadia Players

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The issue probably has something to do with the AI's fastest lap times generated by the game after the hot lap or a time attack race, which appear to be totally unrealistic from the 2nd race on in any event.

I just tried to play the Time Attack Series of Season 2. In the 2nd race I was first until the finish line and then suddenly I was on the 15th place. The AI car on the first place had a lap time of less than 1 second! I believe it was 00:00:00.201 or something like this.

If you ask me... either a bug or an outstanding driver!

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After a few weekends of no issues, we had a lot of issues with our 40 car races with the server freezing out at the ends of races.  I'm not sure if it helps with debugging but it seems when it would freeze the race would split into 3 instances on the multiplayer search (image included).


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