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How do the points break down in clubs?

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I’m new to clubs. 

First event there were 4 of us, and the points were awarded 4 through to 1 based on finishing position.

Second event there were now 6, and hence I expected 6 points for the winner through to 1 for last place. However the points were 6,4,3,2,1,1.

Is this correct? If so, how does the point scoring work?


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Posted (edited)

I'm also curious about how it works specifically.  What It appears to be is that points are awarded based on your percentile ranking, and the maximum possible number of points is equal to the number of participants.  There appears to be a higher percentage of points awarded for the higher percentile rankings and the minimum possible points is 1, so it's not zero-sum.

My guess is that your percentile ranking is exactly the portion of possible points you get.  So if you're 95th percentile, you get 95% of possible points.  It seems like once you get down to about the 65th percentile, lower than that you just earn one point less than the person above you.


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