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Exclusive Game Mode for Stadia ?? Are you serious ??


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Just now, UP100 said:

We all know games are written in various ways and we also know that games tend to have varying performances depending on how they're written. There is not an optimal way of making features, but there are still ways that take much more performance.

Almost every programmer knows my claim that more AIs would mean more drawing and more calculations that will affect the performance in a negative way, even though it would be tiny.

What we don't know is how the game is written and what causes these performance issues, but what we know is that the team literally told us about the performance issues. And here is the quote, so we know this.

The "team" also tells us that changing the number of laps in a race is very difficult and will take months. Let's take their quotes with a grain of salt.

And I keep saying it. Terrible engine is not an excuse. Lack of optimization is not an excuse make ridiculous claims. Much more demanding games (from a physics perspective) are capable of having many vehicles. That is all that matters.

Instead of focusing on an esoteric technology, such as Stadia, the "team" should have focused on fixing the game that people paid money for. If the engine is inefficient at large number of vehicles, it should have been optimized, rather than rely on brute force. And consider how many people will be able to enjoy this feature. Stadia is available in a small area of the world, and is very unstable at the moment. In the year or so since unveiling, it has never been stable (including on Google's own fiber optic network). Even worse, these types of technologies have been unstable from 2009, when OnLive was first introduced. Huge input lags, huge macroblocking, resolution fluctuation. The worst possible experience for a racing game.

I don't doubt there has been a monetary deal to see this happen. And that's fine, but I don't see how as a consumer, we should care. The game is unoptimized, broken and lacking in features and content. I don't see how focusing on Stadia, with exclusive content no less, is beneficial to consumers of proper platforms, which remain the only viable way to play this game.

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All this rubbish,

i don't care about Google grid,

but I do care about being told a complete load of cod wallop about grid,. Yes they made the graphics way better without telling us , so begs the question they can alter anything if they want (codemasters) that is ,

putting Ai in a multiplayer racing game has to be the most stupidest thing I've ever seen,. Yes I get it in career mode or single player mode, 

oh I forgot we don't have a career mode , 

very little content and even fewer tracks  , and then we now hear that it's impossible to do any of the normal sim racing stuff on even standard ps4 or consoles ,

how stupid codemasters do you really think we are ,

buy project cars 1 or 2 ,.  And that sim has been out almost 3 years , 

my head hurts with the stupidest anwsers, god I must be stupid,

take f12019 on dayone release pad vs wheel was equal , very few bugs or problems with game , then you add more and more of F2 and take away more and more of the core game from F1, and created so many bugs that you can't fix , 

there ought to be a law against this sought of rubbish 

wait isnt that game called F1 2019   or F2 2019  ,. ,

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On 11/19/2019 at 8:58 AM, ChrisGrovesMCM said:

Thanks for the @ 🙂 

As announced this week and in previous media interviews, Endurance is a mode that only features on Stadia because the requirements of that mode, within this game, with the current console and PC requirements, isn't possible. I'm not part of the development team or a programmer so don't know the inner workings of this, but that's the information I have. 

A few weeks ago, before we announced the news on Endurance, I had a walkthrough of GRID on Stadia and actually asked the team this exact question 😄 The answer was the same - it's something we'd love to have on all platforms, but it's only possible on Stadia and was never initially intended/built for other platforms. 

What a BS answer.  They didn't even try to add a lobby to multiplayer and somehow managed to put in 40 player races on the worst input lag system ever.  What, it can't be done on regular PC?  Doesn't sound accurate to me.

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Are Codemasters adding DLC's (including premium content) into Stadia Grid? If so, how exactly does the purchase of this content work if the only version available to purchase will be the standard day one edition? I don't fully understand how this game streaming thing goes because (how I see it) with extra career events being added to the current roster in each DLC update the game will physically change with each of these updates and because you stream the game in Stadia then surely multiple versions of the same game will have to be made availble to compensate for those who buy nothing, those who buy everything or even those who just buy bits an pieces. 

If there is only going to be one streamed version of Grid then in order to ensure everyone has identical versions of the game the only options I see are to force people to buy the DX version, give all the premium content away for free or don't include any premium content at all. 

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