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Hotseat + multiple career profiles

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My simple suggestions to your game are:

- Hotseat mode where you drive with friends next to you. You could drive against your friend in a custom event. Progress should be saved to continue later on. Multiple ongoing events should be able to be saved and continued later. Most importantly you choose the number of players like in pinball and after you finish one stage, the next player will drive the same stage. After everyone has driven then we move to the next stage.

- You should be able to start a new career with another profile. My friend visits me from time to time and it would be so nice if he could play his own career. I understand if this messes up RaceNet results, so my suggestion is that only upload results from the primary profile and not from others. If the hotseat driving also interferes with the internet results, then just make hotseat mode so that no results will be uploaded, only comparison should be possible.

Both of these suggestions are very simple to do and would make your game feel complete. Now it's just a single player with an online component. Please make these happen!


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