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Tedious Online Racing, need drivers and commentators ps4

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If you would like to join our new F1 2019 racing league then complete this form 
and join our discord https://discord.gg/ECVyWDu we really want to build a good community full of drivers that can race clean and hard. We aspire to be one of the biggest racing leagues available on F1 2019 and believe after this first season we can make huge strides and extend our platform for sim racers. 

We have simple rules we expect you to follow whilst with us.

Discord Server Rules

1. No racism will be prohibited

2.No spam of chats, otherwise you will be muted until further notice

3.No arguing with steward or admin decisions

4.No immature post-race arguments

5.No private message abuse, otherwise if reported to admins you can receive a penalty, we see best fit

6.No pornographic pictures or language will be prohibited

7. If ANY child pornography is found, sent through private message or chats that has been reported or seen, the person sending such items will be kicked from the league

Racing Rules and Information

Race Settings

Qualifying-Short (18min)


 Formation lap-On

Parc Ferme-On


Safety Car-On

Corner Cutting-Strict


Car Performance-Equal


Session timings- Sunday 5pm UK

ANY assists can be used for first season we are not having categories yet.

Race Rules

If you are going to leave the race for any reason, please retire the car then leave. If you fail to meet this rule it will be a qualifying ban for the next race you compete in. Other than that, you know how to race fair and clean and we expect you to do so. If you have any incidents or would like to deduct a penalty, then send a video clip of the incident through DMS to the server Admins.776864258_TORStandings.thumb.png.64f98cb2583b084ac3688ff254cb5780.png


Constructors .png

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No seats taken still get filling in those forms and joining the discord we are also looking for commentators still.


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I'm in the USA on central standard time. Never raced online before. I'm not that good. I use full assists with a gamepad controller. When will your races be held and where can I find more info on your league?

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