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Unusual occurrences on F1 2019

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After ten patches, strange things still occur in Codemasters' F1 2019. I managed to find some I encountered. Unfortunately, I don't have photo or video evidence for all of the following examples, simply because I either don't have them or the file size is too big. Here are some examples I encountered:

  • Driver's names wrongly displayed in Grand Prix mode (For instance, Norris would appear as a Haas driver, or Magnussen would be a Renault driver,) or even drivers would be given different names (Such as George Russell being shown, and his name is displayed as Valtteri Bottas)
  • Weird colors on the steering wheel in cockpit cam
  • After exiting the game and coming back to it, the screen remains black
  • UI Graphics can remain stuck after a flashback (Messages or warnings will be stuck)
  • Game being stuck on a black screen after leaving an offline race
  • Cars appearing on the grid in improper locations or even appearing as ghost cars
  • Raving light graphics
  • Strange illegal overtakes
  • Game freezing after crossing the finish line
  • People appearing under the map (yes, UNDER the map)
  • Pit crew and people vanishing in the opening sequence of a race
  • After the first lap on a wet race, the intermediate tyre carcass would be overheated already
  • Strange alien activity (Disappearing players)

Have you encountered something strange? What happened when it occurred?









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