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XBox: Sunday GT Group 1 Endurance

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I will be doing a Trial run of hosting a GT Group 1 Endurance Invite only Lobby starting Next Sunday at Noon US Central/6pm UK Standard Time.  The goal is get a full lobby for 2 approximately 25 minute races, 1 Street and 1 Circuit track.  Each race will be run separately with hot lap qualifying.  I will post the results here on the forum.  I will fill the roster on a first come, first serve basis.  You can post here or message me, Kaylos29, through the XBox.  Invite priority will go to those who can do both races.  These are long races where the idea is to maintain consistency and stay clean, where you have time to make passes without rushing.  I set the time so those from both sides of the hemisphere can race.  Hopefully might pull some Western Hemisphere players out of their shells.  I put the start time out a week to give participants a chance to practice.  I might do a single race test run tomorrow at Silverstone GP, msg me if interested.  

Sunday November 30th: Shanghai - Ya'an Tunnel Run, and Sydney - Brabham Circuit.  Noon US Central/6pm UK Standard

Roster 11/16 - Reserves - 0

1.  Kaylos29

2.  Zodiaaz

3.  I Alpha I1764

4. Tw0tone2Fatal

5. Reinesis

6. JakeEPIX


8.  I MattYBZ I

9.  Twells9612

10.  ThisDoorKnobb

11.  Pepin le raisin

Edit: Corrected times.  I had them backward.  Noon US Central/6pm UK Standard.

Edited by Kaylos29

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