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[COMMUNITY] The DiRT Rally Suggestion Box

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So it's no surprise you guys are full of great ideas for the future of DiRT Rally.

After talking with a lot of you in the general chat area we've come up with the following idea which we hope will work better and be much easier for us all to use (both you guys and us in the studio).

My worry is (like others in the GD forum) that we could potentially miss out on a great idea that ends up getting buried in the noise of general chat.

So I've opened up a suggestion box here for all your ideas http://forums.codemasters.com/categories/suggestion-box 

And we're going to go with a simple, pitch an idea and let people vote on it approach.
  • Simply follow these steps to have your idea considered
  • Come up with an idea or an improvement
  • Create a new post in the Suggestion box section of the forums
  • Mark your post title with one of the following tags
[CAR & TRACKS] - This should speak for itself

[GAME MODE] - Come up with a game mode, a new one or maybe the return of an old fav like cat and mouse even Gymkhana!

[FEATURE] - e.g. Mod Support, Twitch TV Streaming integration, Rally School

[IMPROVEMENT] - e.g Add helicopters, more options in the menu, animals/ people running out on stage

[COMMUNITY] - e.g. Blog post, competition idea, something you'd like to see me do basically
  • Write a clear and descriptive title
  • Write down your idea, the more detail you can give the better. Tell us what you want and how you want it to work.
  • Leave the "Make this poll anonymous" box unchecked
  • Give two options for the Poll only (a simple +1 or a -1)
  • Click Save Poll
(Sometimes the forum formatting can be a bit screwy so you may need to click edit post after the poll has published to tidy it up - I'll get that looked at)

That's it, if you like an idea that somebody else has posted simply add a +1 to the thread. If you don't agree that's fine just vote -1 (but don't be abusive if you don't agree, keep it constructive) and you can talk away in the comments below just as you always have.

We'll be keeping an eye on all the ideas that land in this section of the forum but paying close attention to those which float to the top and get a lot of attention. Hope that makes sense, if not feel free to ask any questions below and we'll refine the process a little over the next few days.

Now what do you think of this idea? Vote below.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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