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Preventive maintenance of car components in garage

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Platform: Steam - Super Deluxe Edition


I don't know if it is a bug, but what is going on with the differential on my Subaru NR4?

Graph shows it's effectivity at almost half. At the same time it is not damaged even after long monthly championship. And my chief engineer does not recognize it as damaged so I can not fix or change it.

The same thing is happening with the clutch on the same car.

Since new option to replace damaged part appeared in the game, is it possible to add the opportunity to change some parts preventivly, even before chief engineer marked it as a problem.

I am going into second monthly championship with this car. And it would be really a problem to have differential replaced in the middle of the championship, when I need my repair time for other damaged parts.

My chief engineer has maximum Diagnostics Knowledge. No fast repair was done on any of these parts before.

Screenshot 2019-11-24.jpg

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