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Simulated times

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Hi @BarryBL and others

I'm just reporting a bug which is here I think since you can upgrade your car in career mode (2015,2016)

Everytime when session is simulated or fast forwarded (Out in Q1, DNF in race) results of (Q2,Q3, rest of the race without me) Is simulated like season 1, race 1 perfomances.

Example: Mercedes in season 3 is 7th in perfomance charts, far behind top 5 in every aspect, I'm driving for Alfa Romeo (10th perfomance). When I'm out in Q1 for example possition: 17. Mercedes is on 14,15. After simulated Q3 they are in first two rows.

Are you guys aware od that problem? I can send you some pictures or videos with this issue

Maybe hot fix will be to let us spectate the rest of quali or rest of race I dont know

So skipping and fast forwarding (also auto outlap) is an issue

I know simulation cannot be 100% perfect but maybe something like :engine upgrade means -0.1 in simulated times +- 0.03

Hopefully its right thread 🙂

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Hi @JanKondler,

Thanks for your response, and yes, you're in the right place :)

This has been noted and your feedback has been passed onto the development team for further investigation moving forward.

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