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Brake sounds cutting off when clutching etc

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Am I the only one who has this problem?

By brake sounds I mean the sound the surface makes when braking hard on gravel. It's mostly noticeable when doing a hard brake from high speed. The surface sound is not very loud but it's obvious when it disappears while downshifting or if you stall the engine by braking too hard with high brake force settings.

I can't even tell if the car is still braking or if it's just rolling along in neutral... Very annoying.

Also on a related topic, people mention that turning off ABS is the way to go. Why is that? If I lock up the wheels by braking too hard the engine will cut off. It usually doesn't happen if the brake force is left at default but what's the point of not using ABS if locking the wheels is undesirable anyway. Or should I in fact be using the clutch while braking hard? Turning ABS on and upping the brake force isn't a good option either it seems, for me it just causes the ABS to use the brakes too sparingly, that default brake force with no ABS always seems best, so strange.

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