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My co-pilot just says nothing (Dirt Rally)

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I've tried reinstalling sound card drivers, reinstalled the game and even checked the integrity of the files ... and nothing works.


Attached is my dxdiag.



Best regards, Guimaraes


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same applies to me for Dirt Rally 1.0 ... i have a big issue cause i cant here my co-driver. Is there any setting to toggle this on and off ? I already did some googling, found this issue but no appropriate solution. My HUD shows symbols for the corners, but i cant here the voice of my co-driver. I juggled around with speaker settings from simple stereo (my standard) to 5.1 with an additional center speaker. Nothing works 😞

Can someone please point me to a solution, because only relying to the symbols in the HUD is really annoying. THX.


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uploaded dxdiag.txt

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