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eSports World Series Championship - NOT a championship to find the fastest driver

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This is the problem with most people who make assumptions based on feel and not facts.   "For sure i can go 7s faster on PC"  ,  "For sure that cut was 10s"....   check yourself before you wreck yourself as a wise man once said .    😛

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On 11/30/2019 at 5:46 PM, Mike Dee said:

Works for me. And just one more nail in the coffin for the false idea that PC is "inherently faster" 👍

Basically if you want to get a 2:07 or lower there is only one thing you have to do - git gud 


On 11/30/2019 at 12:10 PM, SRD_SimVansevenant said:

Someone claimed that Xbox and PS4 players are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to optimisation etc.

This is what he claims which was quite aggressive towards me, if I might add...


I therefor decided to see if his claim had any truth to it. I borrowed an Xbox One from a friend and recreated the same conditions (default setup, one spare) and ran the same stage (Descenso por Carretera) with the same car (VW Polo R5). My objective was to come close to my official run (02:07.210) or my PB during practice (02:06.289).

This is the result after trying for half an hour...

P.S.: Don't laugh as I'm fresh out of bed and look funny sometimes.

I suppose that this claim has no merit which further strenghtens my point...

One way in which some console players could well be at a disadvantage, is if they do not understand the effects of response times on their TV's. In my experiance, those of us on a PC tend to spend the time to research and buy monitors and TV's with the lowest possible response times available for gaming on. Such as the 60hz gaming monitor I have, or the 144hz freesync gaming monitor I have; both of which have a 1ms response time. My gaming laptop was purchased because it has a 120hz display with a 3ms response time. Even the 4k LG tv I own for using with my Xbox console has an 11ms response time when its game mode is turned on. We choose this stuff because we want the least amount of input lag possible. Some console gamers, however, can have a TV that can have a 30ms+ response time, or dont even know about or even turn on the game mode on their respective TV's. Most console gamers that I have gotten into these types of discussions with, just dont tend to know about that stuff. They dont tend to put in the research to find the best display to use for gaming, and it does cause a massive issue with input lag. There is a portion of console gamers out there that do get this stuff, but they tend to be on the edge of competative console gaming. The more casual gamer though.

Ive advised a lot of console gamers over the years to either buy a gaming monitor because of this, or at least find a tv in their price range that has a response time below 20ms and with a good game mode option.

So they are right in some regards, but also very wrong at the same time. The FPS one is just laughable. 30fps to 60fps can make a little difference. But for racing games, 60fps to 120fps+ doesnt change anything at all. Just gives less bluring, and only if the display we use is able to keep up with the FPS the GPU is outputting at. Otherwise we just get tearing, which is very distracting while trying to drive.

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