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F118 Equal times in 2003 & 2018 Williams

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So I didnt have much time on my hands to do a full F1 practise but wanted to do some laps so went on silverstone and did some laps in the 2003 williams. This car was just something special the wheel (G920) felt as good ever and after 7 laps I had done a 1.32 flat. The car just stuck and I felt I could push. Was really suprised as the cars today are supposed to have more downforce! This lap was faster than my time in the 2018 Williams by a few tenths. Got me into the top 24% on the leaderboards.

I also did laps in the 92 and 96 Williams and obviously not as quick.

Then I drove the 2018 car again determined to fo better as its atleast 3 seconds faster than the 03 caelr.

I am overly familiar with as its my career car and I have driven 100s of laps at silverstone with it yet I could barely even match what I did in the 03 car and felt much less grippy!

Only managed to get in the top 60% in the leaderboards a giant diference.

Any thoughts on why this could be surely the 2018 car should stick better than the 03 car?

Ffb settings were the same for both cars and even adding full downforce on the Williams didnt make it stick as good as the 2003 beast.

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