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Broken score championship club

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First of all, I am Brazilian and I don't know fluent English, so I am using google translator and hope you can understand me and disregard errors of agreement in writing.

I created a club called "WRC Brasil", it's been two championships and I don't understand the scoring system very well. Can you ask me any questions?

Question 1: Is this the scoring system?

1º - 9pts ; 2º- 6pts ; 3º- 5pts ; 4º- 4pts ; 5º- 3pts ; 6º- 2pts ; 7º- 1pts ; 8º- 1pts ; 9º- 1pts

Question 2: Is there a bug with our championship scoring system? We can only see the sum of the two championships that have already taken place and by my calculations, these scores do not match the scoring system (which I reported in doubt 1).

Question 3: Is there any way to see the individual score of each championship? If so, how? We can only see this table in the attached image


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