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Hello there. I tried to play multiplay but the game shows RETRY CONNECTION. When I press X in it says COMMUNICATING WITH ONLINE SERVICES and then end up at


Please make sure you are signed in and your network is OK.

Error Code SP163


is there anyway that I can fix this? Or it's the problem on your side? please help.

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Hey and welcome to the Codemasters forums! 🙂 

Hoo (Codies employee) has replied 3 times to another thread talking about error code SP163. You can find the thread from here

Hopefully this helps

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These are the answers given by the devs:

Hi there. This may occur after resuming your game from a suspended state. Please try rebooting the application and let us know if this addresses the issue?

The actual error is caused by problems with IP address being released, so the game can no longer communicate to the servers. This can sometimes happen when the game is idle for extended periods (as per the suspended example above). If this is occurring when actively playing the game then I'd check that your connection to the router is stable: faulty wires, or changing between wireless and wired connections after the game has launched may cause an IP address that the system is trying to use to become invalid. 

When the game launches, it will try to bind (use) specific network sockets to use for its network traffic. If there are any changes to the network after booting the console then this can sometimes cause the specific network sockets that the game requires to become unavailable. The system may still be connected to the internet and other apps may still work fine, but the game will not be able to connect properly. There are several possible causes for this, so it's hard to know exactly what is happening in your case. Here are some examples:

  • Leaving the game in suspended state for long periods.
  • Internet connection dropping and reconnecting
  • Switching between cabled and wifi connection
  • Removing ethernet cable
  • Disabling and enabling internet connection through the console's system software
  • Short lease times on your router causing IP addresses to change or renew whilst the console is active

Assuming that you have no obvious faults with your hardware, I would recommend a hard reboot / power cycle of both your network hardware and your console, ensuring that the router is fully powered up before turning your console back on. If possible, use a wired Ethernet connection. Then try booting directly into the game without using any other apps first and see if this works. If not, then you may need to inspect your router logs to see if any unexpected changes in IP address or firewall rules were occurring.

Hope this helps and thanks to @UP100 for pointing to the right post

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