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Codies buys Slightly Mad Studios!! What does that mean?

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Pure speculation thread here. 

I can’t help but wonder where this will go. I like to look at the positives more in life so my mind has gone down the road of:

- simulation F1 opportunities

- slightly mad had a console in development apparently. Rumour was it was dedicated to racing games/sim. Would love for that to still be real and true. After all......a lot of us pretty much only play racing games. 

- Project Cars 3? 

- what’s that other game SMT we’re working on?  Some “blockbuster”. 

- PC2 has pretty great VR.....more of that in Codies games?


Anyway, I’m hoping this acquisition was done to build codemasters rather than to pull down a competitor. Slightly Mad were very ambitious and out there so I hope that this just enables them to make better games. 

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