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Dirt Rally 2 - Fix weather massive problems in VR

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Since again me and the other VR players are again being completely ignored despite posting dozens of posts proving that it is IMPOSSIBLE to play with heavy rain or snow while in VR in this game, I am posting this once again. We cannot play like that you have to listen to us Codemasters. Weather conditions in VR are making the game unplayable .... we cannot see the bloody track guys !

Enough is enough you have either to:

- Remove the weather (heavy rain, heavy snow) from the VR game entirely
- Curb the effect a lot so we can finally SEE the track 

How many million times do we have to prove/ask for it ? I have bought the game 3 times (Oculus, Steam and PS4) with all the DLCs. How much money do I have to pay before being heard exactly ?

This bs is completely ruining my experience and the one of all the other VR players you sold the game to ! Enough please take action why are we getting penalized ?

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