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Dirt 2.0

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Carrer mode:
Loading rounds between racing track stages (leads to freezes sometimes, freezes without saving, throws the game back into the XBOX menu!)
In good case, I can continue with the last save, but I've had to start all over again since it was canceled!
I dare not reinstall the game because I'm afraid my backup I can't restore it! I don't see syncing backups as with other games !! I noticed this when moving the file when I moved it to an external HDD, it rather resolved maybe a bit of better operation, clearing the cache doesn't really improve!
Also, after several races, it is incorrectly loaded by the display of the car in use! (Foto)
Thanks Codemasters, I really like your games so on !!
Best Rally Games You Make !!
Just please you the operation be good !!



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