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I do not understand why racing games can not organize a good online mode.

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In other genres, the developers themselves create rules and collect players in the lobby to play.
In racing, for some reason, developers are constantly focused on careers ...
Whereas online races are created by the players themselves.
And instead of thinking about the car and the track, you think what rules to choose ...
Someone included the damage and some did not, someone played only with a cockpit view and someone did not.
And so everywhere(
This applies not only to Codemasters.
But they could be better than others in this regard!
I tried rallycross, tried F1.
Players make their own rules and sit in their lobbies.
Here and there one player, two ...
And in fact, the developers needed to do several modes that would bring these players together.
Without this mode, it's not fun to play rallycross here (
I do not understand the meaning of a license for rallycross in codemasters.
The license is wasted.
It's like a license owned by WRC developers
Their game is worse, but because of them there are no top cars here.
And the daily rallycross tasks where you go alone in the stadium ...
For reasons of not perfect rallycross I play only standard rally.
There's everything you need to compete with other players' time.
As in life.
Although there is also something I would like to add here too.
If you were competing with a certain number of people, it would be more interesting.
Being the first of the 20 is easier than the first of the 2,000(This is me about the list of results after a race in a standard rally)

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