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Grid on Stadia - practically unplayable

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This game is practically unplayable as a racing game, on Stadia.


I have 5 controls to tune the car and 3 of them are extremely confusing as to what they control

Short/Long gear ratio - easy to understand

Braking ratio front/back - easy to understand

The other three?   Roll bar, Springs, Dampers, all only have descriptions as to how they affect the car's absorption of bumps.   Nothing listed about how, if you do this then the car will turn better or will be worse, etc.   Nothing anywhere to help anyone understand what the actual affect on the car will be.  And the best part is that you cannot make changes without hitting quit and going through the animation sequences again.  No ability to stop mid lap and adjust.  No ability to pit and make changes.  Hardly any ability to take your track car to the test track and adjust the car.

And I think my biggest pet peeve, so far, is no ability to adjust the sensitivity of the controller.   This has reduced the awesome racing game down to a drifting game.  The faster the cars, the worse the game gets.

At this point I feel Ive lost money on an incomplete game that can only promise to MAYBE make corrections down the road.  


Edit: found a reddit post explaining how to adjust the sensitivity of the controller and will be doing some testing

Edit 2:  I should not have to fight this game for hours just to figure out how to make it anywhere near playable.

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Feedback thread for Stadia players if you have any platform specific issues: 


What seemed odd was that you'd see no problem in changing setup while on track. That would probably mean that instead of looking for the optimal setup for that track, the world record runs would change the setup for every corner.

About steering sensitivity: For others with similar problems, you can change them at Options -> Controls -> (Your Device) -> Edit Device


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19 hours ago, OugaBooga said:

well, onlive lasted a lot longer then i expected.

Sony bought OnLive and has been calling it "PlayStation Now" for years.

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