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It takes actual Drivers with mega-million dollar teams years to get Monaco 'right', well at least enough just to have a chance to survive a race.  Don't expect to master it sitting on a couch with a little stick in your hands in any sort of expeditious manner...

I've played this game for years with a wheel, and still invest about 3 hours of practice on EACH track before even thinking about advancing to qualifying.  I do reset the first session many times to reduce wear and save tires, of course.  And I'm 100% confident with Monaco from the driver view, and know every line to take.  Still will put in about 2-3 hours practice, even if it's my 4th time around on the same F1 version with saved setups.  And THEN it rains on top of it...

And after 3 hours practice, an hour to qualify, if I crash out on lap 35 because of something that wasn't AI 'freakout' related, well, that's the end of the race for me and move on. (I do keep rewind on only for an AI mistake or a cat jumps on me when driving...)

Monaco is one of the tracks I personally feel the most 'emersed' in and know it like I'm there, like Brazil, USA, Spain, Japan, Germany(god knows how many hours I have on those tracks considering Forza), and Australia.  There are other tracks I always have a hard time even after 20 hours on it.  Hungary, Bahrain, and France give me the most problems.  Although in older versions, it seems like Bahrain was a lot easier to visually 'see' your way around it.


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Cat jumped on me...

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