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Logitech G920 on Xbox one

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I recently got a Logitech G920 and tried using it on F1 2019. The issue I'm having is with the steering. When I use it I understeer through every corner and can never add power through any corner even though on the controller I can. I notice that when I switched back to the controller when I had full lock in the driver on the screen had maybe between 45 and 60 degrees of steering in depending on the corner. When I took those same corners on the steering wheel when I had full lock the driver also had full lock (90 degrees) I'm almost confident this is the problem but have seen no way of fixing it and can't figure it out on my own. As a result of not being able to add any power through corners I loos around 2 seconds a lap to my PB in time trial that was set on the controller. I have updated the firmware through GHUB and it works fine on PC racing games. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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HI @kaleb54D,

Thanks for the post.

My first recommendation would be to double-check your settings and see if you can change the below to suit your driving style:

Force Feedback and Steering Wheel setup for PC’s

If you have a steering wheel, the following options are available in the F1 2019 controller setup screen.

Dead Zone
This setting can be used to create a dead area around the centre of the wheel. If you feel the steering is too twitchy, increase this setting to increase the size of the dead zone. Note that a higher Linearity value (see below) may give a more desirable effect than increasing the dead zone, so consider trying that before increasing the dead zone.

This alters the amount that you have to turn the wheel to make the car turn. Increase this if you feel the steering is too sensitive. Reduce this if you feel that you have to move the wheel too much to get around the corners.

This dampens the information received from the inputs made upon the wheel and what you see in-game. Increase this if you are finding steering too responsive. Decrease this if you feel the steering is too sloppy.

As well as the above settings, the following force feedback wheel options are available.

Feedback Strength
The overall strength of force feedback. Caution: setting this value too high may cause oscillation and an unrealistic feel to the force feedback.

Wheel Weight
Higher values make the force feedback feel 'tighter' - only small changes in wheel orientation are required to cause large forces. This increases the perceived strength, but removes some of the subtlety and smoothness.

Environmental Feedback
The amount of force feedback from crashes, rumble strips, and other environmental effects.

Please note the wheel and the gamepad are going to behave differently to each other as they are different methods to control the same car.

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Next to the saturation, also have look at Maximum Wheel Rotation setting of your wheel. Ideal would be somewere in between 320-360 degrees. You can also take a look at this video. Its the Logitech G29 but there isn't that much of a difference. Hopefully this will help you find the right setting for your wheel. And don't forget, coming from a pad, you will have to learn how to walk again 😇


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