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F1 2019 horrible pricing depending on Platform

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I use PSN USA account and a Steam Account (In Argentina)

Last week F1 2019 was discounted on PSN and was USS 30 (now back at 60).

But on Steam I can get the game for close to 5 USS. 

The difference is insane. My kid wants it on PSN because we had a wheel for the PS4. 

Also I found out that on XBOX is much cheeper than on PSN. 

I really dont understand how Codemasters can charge 5 or 6 times more on PSN just because....

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Steam uses regional pricing (countries with less purchase power have cheaper games), while this at least doesn't seem to happen with F1 2019 in the PS Store.

I'd suggest checking out local retailers and see if they're selling the game for cheaper. You could also try and send a message to custservice@codemasters.com as that is the general customer support email.

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