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Issues with Xfire support in Dirt Rally


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Hi, just wondering if anyone else is having issues with Xfire support, the game runs fine on one of My R9 270 cards, no stuttering, consistent frame rates etc, but if I turn on the Xfire, after a few seconds, I'm having artefacts appear, like 'ghosting' of the main outlines of the menus, then, when you load up the stage, when you move you're left with slowly fading outlines of the cars, tress, sides of the roads etc - making the game unplayable.

I'm happy enough using the one card, as it runs it with absolutely no issues, just wondering if anyone else had any issues when using 2 x R9 270 Cards in XFire? Seems a shame to have it and not use it! 

System specs are as follows.
Windows 8.1 Pro
Intel i5-2500 running at 4Ghz
16Gb RAM
2 x R9 270 2Gb Toxic cards in XFire

Game running on one main display at 1920 x 1200 on 'High' Detail preset.

Clean system / All drivers updated etc.  GFX card temps are all good as well, no overheating issues.

Any thoughts? Or is it a known bug I've missed?


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