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Unannounced Wheel FFB update and another apparent update

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If you are not aware, the latest patch updated the FFB for the wheel.  It doesn't appear the baseline was adjusted, but two more options were added that really threw me off until I figured out that they had been added.

Wheel Friction - Appears to add weight to the wheel.  I had to turn this off entirely add it made my wheel not only heavier, but the feel became very grainy, like it was clicking.  This may be because I have the low end Thrustmaster TMX that is a hybrid belt and gear system.  The higher end belt systems might not experience the grainy clicking.  It may be useful, but I found it heavily overwhelmed the Self Aligning torque.

Tyre Friction - Description says it adds resistance to changing the tire angle.  What I found is that it did not affect force to turn in, but did make it smoother.  With all other settings at 0 and Tyre friction at 150, I could barely tell it was doing anything, but comparing it to all settings at 0, I realized the wheel was much more free wheeling with all settings at 0.  At normal settings, the smoother inputs became clearer.  I definitely find this useful, though it can slow down counter-steering.  150 was too high, and at 100 seems ok, but maybe still a bit high.  

Definitely glad they gave us more FFB options.  It would have been nice to get some warning before jumping in and wondering why my wheel felt really off and was clicking like mad.  Thought there was something wrong with my wheel.

Another unannounced update that may be subjective, is it appears they updated the car physics for the Super Modified class, or at least the AWD and 4WD cars.  They understeer a lot less and are easier to get to turn in.  You can now drive the AWD cars normal without having to slide or drift them, and the 4WD cars are easier to turn in.  This may be related to the new car class that has two 4WD (not AWD) cars.  I was annoyed to see the 2 of the new cars as 4WD thinking they would handle like the old Super Modified Lancer and Skyline.  They didn't, only needing the occasional slight slide to turn-in.  It was until I played the Super Modifieds that I realized this adjustment was to the AWD and 4WD system, and not just those two cars.

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