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My Forum and RaceNet and DiRT Rally 2.0 IDs are inconsistent

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Hello, I emailed this to tech support but was told to look for help in the forums (evidently I sent my request to the F1 support email). This is what's happening to me:

I was wondering why my forum and RaceNet usernames have been swapped around. It's weird and I don't understand the naming convention.

My forum ID was LudwigVonMises when I signed up.

My RaceNet ID was pfei when I signed up (DiRT Rally 1 on PS4).

Now, my forum ID is pfei. That's all good. No problem there.

But in DR2.0 my ID is different depending on what platform you are using. For example:

  1. When racing in my league (in-game), the results screens show me as LudwigVonMises
  2. The league owner (me) is displayed (in-game) to other players as LudwigVonMises
  3. On the DR2.0 website, in the Clubs area, I show up in the results as pfei (https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/200084/results)
  4. On the DR2.0 website, in the Clubs Members page, I show up as LudwigVonMises (https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/200084/members)
  5. In the Codemasters forums I show up as pfei

That seems weird to me. Can my ID be "pfei" over all these instances? Like, change 1, 2 and 4 from LudwigVonMises to pfei so that everything is consistent in all places?

Note I have recently bought DR2.0 on Steam (for the VR - absolutely awesome BTW) and have also linked that to my RaceNet account.

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