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[XBOX] F1 Masters Racing League - Sunday’s 9pm GMT

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Hello and Welcome. 

This is a new league in the process of forming a grid with season starting late January/early February 2020. (Date TBC)

If you are interested in registering, please join the discord server and follow the instructions provided by the Welcome BOT.



League details are as follows:

Car Performance: Equal
Qualifying: Short (18 min)
Race Distance: 50%
Weather: Dynamic

Race Settings
Parc Ferme Rules: On
Collisions: On
Vehicle Damage: Full
Ghosting: Off
Safety Car: On
Rules and Flags: On
Corner Cutting: Strict
Formation Lap: On
Race Starts: Manual
Tyre Temperature: Surface and Carcass (Simulation)

Assists Restrictions
Braking Assists: Off
Anti-Lock Brakes: Any 
Traction Control: Any
Automatic Gearbox: Any
Pit Assist: Off
Pit Release Assist: Off
Dynamic Racing Line: Corners Only
ERS Mode: Manual

Lobby 9:00pm
Short qualifying 9:15 pm
The race starts immediately after Qualifying



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