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Replays are broken in a specific view.


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Now, I dunno when exactly this kicked in or with which update but I do know that ever since Finland rally came out it's been like this.

Easiest way to explain it is like this. You watch a replay, if you like to, and you can watch from various angles. Roadside, TV, onboard, helicopter etc.

Basically it's the option before the fixed roadside cameras that's bugged out now. The camera is constantly stuck on the in car cockpit view. It's supposed to alternate between various car cams from various angles, both inside and out, even focusing on the driver and co-driver sometimes.

Doesn't do that anymore whatsoever. Can we please get a fix for this?

Xbox One version here. Playing on the Xbox One X with the 4K Mode set to ON in the in-game settings menu.

Doesn't matter which track you're rallying on or which car you're in either. Does it regardless.

No camera angles like these anymore at all 😕




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