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2019 World RX Supercars - Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0

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And if I could add some details, it is not normal that in qualifying, the pilots of my series are weak but those of the other series make super times, and as soon as I fall with them they are zero and so on .

And then when an AI is in the lead in the first round, it always takes the joker in the first round .. and when it is 2nd for example behind me, it always takes the joker in the last round. Illogical.

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From the footage I have seen, the 3 "new" Rallycross cars look great. It seems there are new sounds as the OMSE Fiesta and GCK Megane have the same sounds as their 2018 versions and the Ibiza seems using the 2018 VW Polo sounds. Here some shots comparing the DiRT 4 2016 SEAT Ibiza against the new DR2.0 2019 version (from footage i found on YouTube, so sometimes difference in graphics quality)

image.thumb.png.cd15e44a103fd49e30f8e56cd868424b.png image.thumb.png.74b7e926f20eb0dd8b9cc3ff97216984.png

image.thumb.png.bbebd709b0c4240b0c3a1e96ce26c683.png image.thumb.png.ad2635dabaf6afae91fb36acbc2e337a.png

image.thumb.png.76fa246fff7f3df99783d66385c60547.png image.thumb.png.3dc5cd934bfea8cfea9f926a1dc058f2.png


image.thumb.png.9dad5191148fc6edbea550d0d82336a9.png image.thumb.png.71b9e7b34f3cc84b5ab6619256e6359e.png

image.thumb.png.0acbb41e5051da414e2ab02d98ca2a4a.png image.thumb.png.289b4ab7f299c2a3b7eaad14e7fba103.png 



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VERY briefly tried the new cars last night: did a quick race (at Hell) with each before heading to bed. 

Mk.8 Fiesta seemed very prone to understeer, I was struggling to get within a second of my fastest lap time. 

Megane seemed quite familiar to the 2018 version, managed to bring my lap times down gradually throughout the race. 

Ibiza seemed by far the most manoeuvrable. 

More seat time required later! 

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I just tried all cars quickly (seems racenet is down).

Both OMSE MK8 Fiesta and GCK Megane got next to their 2019 updates and liveries, also little sounds update. They seem to sound a bit aggresiver.

The Ibiza is in 2019 spec. But to be noted the front bonnet is from the first halve of the season. The sound is from the factory 2018 VW Polo, but maybe it is a placeholder? So far from the three cars, only the grey Munnich livery is missing. But as PJT mentioned before, he though more liveries for the cars would maybe come in the next update or so. 

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Many of these cars are very frustrating to drive in VR because of the HDR overexposure issue.  In the Megane RX, even on 0 brightness, everything outside of the car is whiteout because of the HDR adaptation not working properly.

To be clear, this problem affects every aspect of gameplay in VR, but it's particularly egregious with RX cars because of their low visibility.

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Excellent, will be sure to check that out @PJTierney

Nice job implementing the 2019 Championship in game as well. I haven't started it yet, but I saw that a sensible substitution for Spa has been made to give us a ten round Championship. 

Something I meant to ask (and perhaps I am better off asking it elsewhere): I only got the "proper" World RX introduction videos for each track the first time I played the Championship through, do they not appear again? 

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18 minutes ago, JamesMcAdam said:

@PJTierney Am I the only one to have Demoustier and August in the wrong livery car ? 

BTW, look forward to drive the Mini. #Abudhabi

I already posted in the bug topic. Mandie is noted with me with an Audi, but actually drives with her SEAT. 

Demoustier has a fictional red livery with me

what I also noticed is that the OMSE Fiestas not show up in any custom AI event so far.

also look forward to the MINI, but also the Renault. The STARD MK7 Fiesta is not correct. It’s just the old OMSE with a livery. So the excitement for that is pretty low compared to the other two. I also not understand why it’s in the video. All the other released cars are correct, except this one which was already in the game.


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The mismatched names has been acknowledged, looking like a fix for 1.13 at the earliest.

We’re putting out a hotfix on Steam/Oculus in the near future but that’s specifically for VR issues that came from 1.12.

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How about fixing the random times in qualifiers? Kinda takes the fun away from these fine cars when you can compete just fine against the physical AI drivers, but the random times from the other qualifiers are 7-20 seconds faster. This here on Killarney (the worst track in this regard, impossible to play offline unless you are near world record fast) but on most other tracks it's usually like 7-8 seconds which is more than bad enough. 16 seconds here and it's not even the worst I have seen.



Randomized AI time is 4 seconds off the mark per lap on a 1km track. To put that to perspective, that would be 28 seconds per lap on Spa. Imagine that you play F1 2019, you beat the AI drivers you race against, but lose by 28 seconds per lap to a randomized AI time.

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16 hours ago, JorritVD said:

The STARD MK7 Fiesta is not correct. It’s just the old OMSE with a livery. So the excitement for that is pretty low compared to the other two. I also not understand why it’s in the video. 


I feel the same. I was really happy to be able to drive the Mk7. :classic_sad:

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