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[PS4] [F1 2019 v1.18] Mixed conditions qualifying problems

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I bought the game today and I started my career. In the very 1st race, the Qualies where made in mixed conditions. I am running short qualifying. I made my 1st run with the Inters and when I saw that the conditions hadn't improved, I went for another one with fresh Inters. Then I saw that most of the AI went for softs. So, I didn't complete my lap but went straight into pits. I believe irl, there should be more info about when to leave the pits and which tires to use or in situations like that, or make a quick pit stop to fit the proper tires. Anyway, they took their time to take me inside my pits, time which I lost and couldn't go for another lap. And the most bizarre was that even though most of AI went for softs, I couldn't choose other tires than Wet and Inters. Finally, only Butler and me completed our laps with Wets, which I also find odd.

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Oops, my fault. I didn't see the option to change from wets to dry right above the compound select. My bad. However, I still find bizarre that Butler didn't go for another run and the fact that they should have made a quick pit stop for dries.

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