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Help with stuttering/framedrops in f1 2019 (video attached)


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Having major issues with stuttering in f1 2019. Not sure if it was a patch that has made the game unstable for me but I have tried everything to fix it. I have linked a video of the stuttering in action. I know stuttering is a common issue, but I thought my system should be able to run the game no problem. Although even at low settings I’ll be getting 300 frames and then randomly drop to 15-30 frames once or twice a lap. Any help would be much appreciated. 

tried all the common fixes like disabling game bar, disabling shader cache, disabling texture streaming, lowering and raising the video settings, changing power settings, uninstalled and reinstalled, removed all peripherals to see if any were interfering, tried running a program called islc which was supposed to help...updated my bios as well as nvidia drivers. No luck in fixing my issue.  I don’t know what else to do except hope a new patch down the line will magically fix the stuttering. 


My pc specs:



32gb ram

asus Maximus xi wifi motherboard 

Running on a 49 inch curved Samsung monitor. 144hz 


you can see in the video it jumping from a solid 144fps to 30fps


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Basically you need to framecap it.

It's OK buying an ass-kicking machine until you realise some games don't need it and actually mis-perform. Go against traditional thinking and turn it all up to max and keep V-SYNC on.

First world problems means some people can afford what you have and others try to get 40fps on an ancient laptop.

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31 minutes ago, CharlesDowner said:

I’ve tried framecapping it as well as running with v-sync on and off. On max settings and low settings. I’ve tried enabling triple buffering too. 

appreciate your attempt at helping.

You could do worse than just clean installing everything. Sounds like (with the best of intentions) you've been down a route of 'installing' a fix.

I rarely try changing anything and I just see the game bugs and connection issues 🙂. Haven't had stutter in this game for ages.

One last thing is I always use W10 latest, DX12 and DCH drivers, play wired. Plus, AMD card (RX580) worth every penny since I switched from GTX970.

Might just be immature / arms race drivers on 20 series, see similar pain on people with Vega, VII and RX5X00.

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