Game Platform: Ps4 Pro I remember when i had F1 2018 and I did race at Monaco, the car sound did change when I entered the Monaco tunnel, and when Jeff did talk to me when I was in the tunnel, his sound did had inteference. This 2 audio things made Monaco race extra special in F1 2018.  Now with F1 2019 game, both aren't there anymore on Monaco circuit  If I go to Abu Dhabi circuit in F1 2019 and I leave the pit and you go through the small tunnel, that sound do change when you are in it. So great! Try it. I know there are more important issues to solve, but just wantto mention this kind of things that is a step back in compare to last year game...i really don't understand this kind of things? Why leave it out of F1 2019 game? -1 for the Audio (programmers) of F1 2019.